Turnabout Sisters

Turnabout Sisters is the second case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. This case marks the death of a major character, Mia Fey, as well as the first appearances of Maya Fey, Detective Gumshoe, and the "Demon Prosecutor," Miles Edgeworth.



Plot synopsis

Warning: Contradiction and spoilers below

The Crime

A little before 9:00 PM on the night of September 5, 2016, a man came into Mia's office to take something that would damage his business practices. To keep her from revealing his secrets, the man used the statue-clock of The Thinker, the same murder weapon from The First Turnabout, and smashed it over her head with a strong blow.

Soon after

Phoenix arrives late to the office and smells blood. Fearing the worst, he rushes into the office and finds his mentor, the woman who saved his life three years ago, Mia Fey... DEAD. He also finds a strange young girl crying over the body. The girl collapses out of shock; Phoenix takes her to the sofa and goes back to the office to check Mia's body. He finds that the murder weapon was the "Thinker" clock that Larry made.

Most of all, he finds a receipt with the name "Maya" written on the back of it with blood. He shows the receipt to the girl, who happens to be Maya Fey, Mia's younger sister. Just then, the police arrive and arrest Maya on the spot based not only on the bloody writing, but also from a call from a witness.

Part 1 - Investigation I

At the detention center, Maya asks Phoenix if he can get a veteran lawyer to represent her defense in court tomorrow. He kindly does so, but finds that Mr. Marvin Grossberg is not there yet. He even notices a painting of what seems to be fisherman at the office.

Back at the Fey & Co. Law Offices, Phoenix meets the detective in charge of investigating the crime scene, Dick Gumshoe. Thinking that Phoenix is Maya's attorney, Gumshoe gives him the victim's autopsy reports and the news that Miles Edgeworth will be prosecuting Maya Fey tomorrow. He asks Gumshoe for Maya's cell phone back, and no matter what the player chooses, Gumshoe will kindly give it to Wright.

At the Gatewater Hotel, Phoenix meets Edgeworth's key witness, April May. While he's in her room, Wright sees a screwdriver in one of her drawers; he goes to take it out when suddenly, Ms. May gets angry with him and stops him.

After gathering no information from Ms. May, Phoenix heads back to Grossberg's firm to finally meet him this time. However, when asked about Maya, he suddenly refuses! After getting no answer for why Grossberg refused (and about the painting for comedy relief), Phoenix goes for the detention center to tell her the bad news. During their conversation, Maya reveals that she is born into a long line of spirit mediums. The Fey family, including Mia, have had these powers since the first Fey was born. She says that her sister became a lawyer to find out why her mother, Misty Fey, disappeared from Kurain Village fifteen years ago. There was an unusual murder entitled the DL-6 Incident by the police; they used a medium (Mia and Maya's mother) to find the culprit. However, the suspect was acquitted, and to make matters worse, a man named "White" found out and sold it to press, making Misty and the police the laughingstocks of the nation. Phoenix, feeling sorry for Maya, agrees to defend her because he cannot abandon her, for he would be betraying the reason he became a criminal defense attorney in the first place: to look out for those have no one to believe in them.

Remembering that the witness reacted to when he reached into her drawer, Wright returns to the hotel room and finds a WIRETAP in the same drawer. Believing that Ms. May may have something to do with Mia's death, Phoenix will surely use that evidence in court the next day!

Part 2 - Trial I

The day of Maya Fey's trial for the murder of her own sister begins. Both Phoenix and his adversary, the Demon Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, both address the judge. The prosecution's opening statement is clear: decisive evidence and a decisive witness will prove that the defendant was responsible for killing Mia Fey. Gumshoe is called to the stand first and lays out the facts: the victim's body was discovered by the window and she was struck a blunt object, the Thinker clock found lying on the floor.

Gumshoe testifies that he arrested Maya because he found a piece of paper with the name "Maya" on it and says that before she died, Mia wrote her "killer's" name in blood. Upon cross-examination, Phoenix objects, saying that the autopsy reports he has says Mia died instantly the moment she was struck. But that's when Edgeworth displays his ruthlessness by pulling another autopsy which says that she died ALMOST instantly! Regardless of what the defense says, Edgeworth's report will be submitted into the Court Record.

Miss April May takes the stand and claims that she saw Maya attack Mia (her own sister?!) with the Thinker clock to which Wright objects, saying that there is no way she could tell if the weapon was a clock by looking at it. May tries to come up with excuses but with each being flatly contradicted by the evidence, including a recorded conversation between the victim and the defendant. Phoenix shows that Miss May knew it was a clock because she heard while he was tapping her phone with the same wiretap in her drawer! Unable to think of an excuse anymore, Miss May admits she tapped the victim's phone, but she is still adamant of not killing her as she has an alibi, and the bellboy can prove it. Phoenix accepts the challenge and calls the hotel bellboy to the stand.

There appears to be nothing new from his testimony and just as he is about to be dismissed, Phoenix protests with one more question. Regardless of what he asks, the response is the same: April May checked in with another man, and it was Edgeworth who told the bellboy not to say it in his testimony! With the possibility of a new suspect, court is adjourned for the day as Phoenix is to prove Maya's innocence by finding his boss's true killer.

Part 3 - Investigation II

While investigating the man with Miss May, Phoenix goes to the Gatewater Hotel and asks the Bellboy if he knows what the man looks like. He goes to the Grossberg Law Office and finds two photos with the DL-6 Incident name on the backs of both. He takes the photo of the purple haired man labeled "DL-6 Incident - Exhibit B" and shows it to the bellboy who confirms that this is the man who checked in; he even writes an affidavit for him, swearing that he's the one.

He goes back to the detention center, finding an angry Miss May and showing her the photo of the man and the Bellboy's affidavit. She finally talks and reveals that the man is her employer Redd White, the President of Bluecorp. Could this be the same man who ruined Mia and Maya's mother fifteen years ago? One thing is for certain, if April May didn't kill Mia, that means White did it!

Phoenix goes to Bluecorp headquarters and meets the most arrogant man on the face of the earth, Redd White who is no help at all with his vocabulary. However, there is a large painting identical to the one in Grossberg's office, to which White answers by punching Wright. He warns Phoenix that he controls the police and the courts, kicking him out of the office.

Phoenix then confronts Grossberg on the issue and discovers that he couldn't defend Maya because if he did, White release a certain piece of information to the press: he told Redd White that a medium was involved in the DL-6 Incident 15 years ago for riches. Back at the scene of the crime, Phoenix discovers some papers are missing from Mia's files. He does, however, find a suicide article with the word "White" written on top in pencil. Armed with the only evidence he has, Phoenix Wright goes to confront his mentor's murderer. He shows the suicide report, saying that White had blackmailed the politician into suicide. Phoenix then angrily accuses the man of killing Mia Fey and having April May tapping her phone! April May was an accomplice! However, White easily counters this accusation by calling the Prosecutor's Office and the police, saying that he would like to testify at the trial, not against Maya Fey but against Phoenix Wright! After doing so, he calls both Phoenix and Mia "mere lawyers." Gumshoe arrives and arrests Phoenix.

Things look pretty grim right now. Maya Fey has just gotten out of detention, but tomorrow her trial becomes Phoenix's trial. He explains everything to her. She says that she'll be at court to support him all the way.

According to Wright, trials have been limited to three days, because the courts were dealing with so many cases that they decided to speed things up a little. Tomorrow, the true perpetrator, Redd White will appear as a witness. The battle between good and evil starts!

Part 4 - Trial II

Before the trials gets underway, Prosecutor Edgeworth comes in and warns that he'll do anything for a conviction. Anything. Phoenix seems to know the man somehow and states that he will be defending himself, seeing as though White must have blackmailed his state-appointed lawyer.

The trial begins and the man who claims to hold sway over the courtroom, Mr. Redd White, takes the witness stand, arrogantly flashing off his bling-bling. He then testifies that he was "persuifying" (reading) a newspaper until he heard a loud noise outside his window. He claims to have seen the defendant--Phoenix--bash Mia over the head with a blunt object. Upon cross-examination, Phoenix presses White on a specific detail: in what direction did the victim run? White slips up and says that Mia ran to the left and the killer gave chase.

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