"Turnabout Sisters - 2nd Trial" is the third episode of the animated adaptation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igiari!. It is the second of three episodes that adapt the story of Turnabout Sisters.

The trial of Maya Fey for the murder of her sister Mia is under way, and Phoenix Wright is pitted against prodigy prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Hope seems lost, but with flimsy testimonies and a questionable witness, things are not as straightforward as they appear. A promising lead points Wright in the direction of shady Bluecorp CEO Redd White, but just how far does this man's influence reach?

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Defense attorney Phoenix Wright looked across the courtroom to the prosecution bench on the other side, where prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was calmly standing with his eyes closed. Wright was mentally preparing himself for the challenge of going up against the undefeated prosecuting legend as the judge took his place behind the judicial bench at the head of the Courtroom no. 1. The judge banged his gavel, ushering in the start of Maya Fey's murder trial.

Edgeworth's opening statement rigidly accused Maya of her sister Mia Fey's homicide, showing a photo of the crime scene to the court through the monitors at the front of the courtroom, before calling his first witness, detective Dick Gumshoe. Using a schematic of the office, Gumshoe pointed to the location of the body near the window, the cause of death identified as blunt trauma to the head caused by a strike from a miniature statue of The Thinker, and that the weapon was located near the victim's body. When asked about the circumstances of the arrest, Gumshoe attested that Maya's name appearing in the victim's blood on a slip of paper, supposedly written by the victim, was the justification. Wright interjected with an objection, claiming that the autopsy report stated that Mia's death was instantaneous, leaving no time for her to write anything before expiring.

Gumshoe conceded and Wright attempted to invalidate the detective's testimony. However, Edgeworth scoffed and entered a more updated autopsy into evidence that suggested death was not instant. Wright protested his lack of inclusion on this development but Edgeworth blithely explained that the report had only reached his own desk that morning. Wright grew frustrated at playing straight into Edgeworth's game while Edgeworth smugly admonished the rookie attorney. Edgeworth ended Gumshoe's testimony and called up a new witness; the woman who had claimed to have seen the incident, April May.

May took the stand and flirtatiously introduced herself to the courtroom. May testified that on the night of April 3, she was enjoying a glass of wine near her hotel room's window when, upon looking across the way, saw a woman being attacked in the next building over. She pointed to Maya, indicting her as the one she saw swing the fatal blow. Edgeworth asked when she saw this, to which she said a voice said the time was "8:50", and Edgeworth explained that the statue also acts a speaking clock and that the only way this would be known to the witness was if the clock was triggered in the act of using the statue as a weapon. Edgeworth surmised that the bloody slip of paper and May's testimony left no room for doubt to be rendered of Maya Fey's guilt and May happily agreed with the prosecution.

Wright was contemplating his situation when a cry of "Hold it!" tore through the courtroom. Maya Fey stood up from the defendant's chair and protested the claim, saying the clock couldn't have made such a sound. Edgeworth attempted to silence the defendant but Wright caught onto what she was attempting to claim and objected on her behalf. He instructed the court to open the clock, which revealed that none of the components that would allow it to work were present. However, as he presented his argument that this also held true the night of the murder, Edgeworth rebuffed that this fact was not relevant. Using the statue as a weapon caused not only the time to be spoken but the components to spill out of the base, which were found at the scene.

Edgeworth challenged Wright to produce evidence that would prove that the clock would not have been functional that night, which he believed nonexistent. After a moment of pause, Wright realized he did have such evidence, and presented Maya's cell phone to the court, which contained a recording of Mia and Maya's conversation that night. Edgeworth was caught off guard and directed his displeasure at Gumshoe. The date-stamped recording was played for the court, where Mia explained to her sister that the statue had its clockwork removed in order to store papers within.

Wright used the recording to cast aspersion on May's testimony, which prompted May to blurt out that she had known about the conversation before coming to court. Wright then realized the context for the device he retrieved from May's hotel room and presented it to the court as a wiretapping bug. May became incensed and her charming personality gave way to a enraged rant where she admitted to listening into the conversation but denied any involvement in Mia's death. Wright then realized the meaning of another object he found in the hotel room and presented a rhinestone cuff link to May, asking if the owner of the cuff link was also the person who was having her tap the phones.

Edgeworth interrupted the testimony to claim that, in light of new evidence presented, a temporary adjournment should be called until the following day to further investigate the matter. The judge agreed and suspended proceedings for the day, relieving Maya. Out in Defendant Lobby no. 2, Wright sat on the couch to unwind when he was approached by Maya, who was grateful and impressed by his defense. Wright returned to the Fey & Co. Law Offices to plan his next move when he was visited by Marvin Grossberg. The two lawyers sat down to discuss the case where Grossberg expressed disappointment in himself for bailing out on Maya's defense so selfishly. He handed Wright a photo of a very extravagant, purple-haired man and said Wright's investigation should be directed to him. Grossberg said the man's name was "Redd White" and was president of Bluecorp, a firm that specializes in "information gathering" but in turn uses that data to blackmail and extort those in power, and that Grossberg's own debt to them was why he rescinded his offer to defend Maya. Wright looked on the photo and saw the same cuff link that he presented in court earlier that day.

Grossberg alluded to data Mia had on White and Wright attempted to locate it in her files. However perusing Mia's files only turned up a missing 'W' section. He returned to the hotel where May claimed to have witnessed the crime and showed the photo he received to a bellboy, who confirmed May was accompanied by that man in her room. Wright biked across town to the offices of Bluecorp, now confident he could confront Redd White and connect him to the crime. Upon arriving in White's office, Wright took note of White's strange decor before the man himself announced his arrival.

Wright asked White about his affiliation with April May, whom he claimed had previously worked as his secretary and that her wiretapping had come as a shock to him. Wright accused White of being the source of the orders to tap the phone, which White denied. Wright attempted to place White at the scene of the hotel but White brushed it off. However Wright was undeterred and pressed harder, bringing up Mia's files on White and how they had disappeared in the wake of her murder, and thus White himself must have been directly involved in her murder in order to obtain those documents.

White did not respond directly Wright's accusation, instead calling up his secretary and asking her to inform the prosecution in Mia Fey's murder trial that he would willingly testify in court the next day. He also had the police summoned to his office. White cautioned Wright about involving himself in such matters, just as he had warned Mia to stay out of it. Wright attempted to pin the crime on White but White instead turned it on him, saying he would accuse Wright of the murder. Dick Gumshoe burst into White's office, where White formally accused Phoenix Wright of the crime of murdering Mia Fey, and Wright was arrested.

In the office of Miles Edgeworth the desk phone rang. Edgeworth picked it up and was surprised to find that the case now centered on Phoenix Wright. Meanwhile, at the Detention Center, a guard unlocked Maya Fey's cell and informed her she was no longer being held in custody. However, as she exited the cell, she was shocked to discover that the new tenant of her cell would be her own attorney...

Characters[edit | edit source]

Differences from the game[edit | edit source]

  • In the anime, the first clue to Redd White's involvement in the crime is a cufflink Phoenix Wright found with the screwdriver in April May's hotel room in the previous episode, which he presents to May in court. In the game, Wright first learns of White through the bellboy's testimony, which never occurs in the anime.
  • Unlike the game, Phoenix Wright never interrogates May in the detention center about her connection to White after she is arrested in the anime, instead learning of her connection to White after presenting the cufflink to her in court.
  • Marvin Grossberg personally visits Fey & Co. Law Offices to confess to Wright about being blackmailed by White, rather than Wright visiting Grossberg Law Offices like in the game. He also gives Wright the photograph of White instead of Wright discovering it in Grossberg's vacant office on his own.
  • The bellboy's role is greatly diminished from the game, as he only appears to direct Wright to Bluecorp during the latter's investigation.
  • White's seizure of Grossberg's painting as part of his blackmail is never discussed in the anime, although it is shown in White's office after previously appearing in Grossberg's office.
  • Miles Edgeworth is shown reacting to the news Wright's replacement of Maya Fey as the defendant.
  • Wright and Maya simultaneously trade places in the detention center in the anime, while Maya is released after Wright has been arrested in the game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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