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"Turnabout Sisters - Last Trial" is the fourth episode of the Ace Attorney animated adaptation. It is the conclusion of the three episodes that adapt the story of Turnabout Sisters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Due to Redd White's influence and connections, Phoenix Wright is indicted for the murder of his boss, Mia Fey. Wright's only chance to avoid a guilty verdict is to expose White as Fey's true killer in court, a task made all the more difficult by Miles Edgeworth's ruthless prosecuting tactics. Wright is backed into a corner, but a little help from a spirit medium may be just what he needs to turn things around...


Maya Fey was surprised that Phoenix Wright was defending himself, but he was confident. The trial began as Miles Edgeworth announced a new eyewitness that will allow him to "expose" Wright as the killer of Mia Fey. Redd White took the stand and denied being to Fey & Co. Law Offices. He says April May is a liar about seeing Wright, which is why White would testify.

He testified that he was reading some documents at 9 PM, until he heard a loud noise outside his window. He claimed that he and May had seen Wright hit Mia Fey over the head with a blunt object. Wright asked him what noise he heard; White responded saying it was a lamp. Maya was confused at how White knew that it was a lamp despite it crashing on the floor and that he'd never been there. Wright presented the floor plan and showed that the lamp was out of his line of sight, so he could've only seen it in the office during the murder. Wright accused White of being the murderer of Mia.

Suddenly, Edgeworth decided to have White confess that he was the one who placed the wiretap into Mia's office. White cheerfully admitted that May was merely a scapegoat and when he "did it" he saw the lamp. Wright screamed as his conclusion is shattered. The judge saw all the contradictions cleared up from this, but Wright said his cross-examination isn't over. White said has placed the wiretap, two weeks ago at the end of March, May could vouch for him as she heard Mia's call. His fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime scene, but his motive for wiretapping isn't important for the current trial, he would be tried at a later date. Wright couldn't think of anything else to ask him nor could he find any more contradicting evidence. Maya, wishing to help Wright, successfully channeled her sister, who spoke to him before he could admit defeat. She told him to believe in himself just as Maya did to him, she also revealed that the receipt with "Maya" on it was for the lamp. Wright presented this to the judge, it turned out that it was purchased on April 2nd, the day before the murder! So, if White did wiretap the office two weeks ago, he couldn't have seen the lamp because it wasn't even there.

As the judge was considering about the verdict, Edgeworth requested that he extend the trial by another day. Mia knew he would come up for forged evidence, so she decided to write something on a piece of paper. Just before White could leave, Mia gives her what she wrote: a list of all the people he's blackmailed. Mia told him that it would be bad for him if it was released, they're all her memory and she could even recite. Before she could start, Redd White screamed for her to stop. He confessed that Wright is innocent and told what really happened. Mia had written a previous list, so White went to the office that night to retrieve it. Mia ran scared, knocking over her computer, White followed, grabbing the Thinker clock which knocked down and destroyed the lamp. He slammed the clock on Mia's head killing her, then after disposing the list inside the clock, he wrote "Maya" on the receipt in Mia's blood and placed it by her body. Edgeworth was furious about his first loss, but judge declared both Maya and Wright not guilty.

Maya couldn't hold onto to Mia any longer due to her underdeveloped powers, but she had Wright come to the office that night before leaving. When the time came, Maya pretended to be Mia. She had told her to come at the same time and requested that she take care of Wright, whom she nicknamed Nick, and the office, which will be renamed Wright & Co. Law Offices. They both left for some ramen while Mia's spirit watched.

The last scene of the episode showed some sort of steel samurai landing on a building.


Adaptation differences[]

  • The trial skips the part where White testifies about the direction Mia ran.
  • Wright does not faint when Maya channels Mia.
  • In the game, Mia gives the list of blackmail victims' names to Wright, which he starts reading out loud before being interrupted by White, who then confesses to the murder. In the anime, Mia throws the list to White, and tells him that she has them memorized. However, White confesses before she even says the first name on the list.
  • The Steel Samurai makes a cameo at the end of this episode.