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Turnabout Succession
Death of Magnifi Gramarye

Phoenix Wright
You know what I've been thinking? People don't die that easily, really. ...As long as they've got something worth living for.

Episode 4: Turnabout Succession is the fourth and final episode of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. In it, Phoenix Wright arranges a test trial for the so-called "Jurist System", in which the verdict is decided by the consensus of six jurors from the public, instead of being rendered by the judge. Although Wright promises a simple case involving a young woman being accused of poisoning her father, defense attorney Apollo Justice and prosecutor Klavier Gavin soon learn that it is, in fact, connected to Wright's infamous final trial from seven years ago, in which he was caught presenting forged evidence and disbarred. The idea behind the Jurist System itself as judgment by common citizens is emphasized by instances of leaning on the fourth wall, with characters frequently looking in the player's direction when addressing the jury, and even getting the player to act as one of the jurors. A secondary theme in this episode is one of succession, mainly in the form of Apollo Justice succeeding Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, and Trucy Wright inheriting her grandfather's magic performance rights.

Intros and chapters[]

Turnabout Succession has three intros. The first is the typical episode intro at the beginning, while the other two introduce Phoenix Wright's portion of the episode and the final trial, respectively.

Murder of Drew Misham[]

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...And that is the whole truth of this case. In order to understand it myself... I had to know the story of these last seven long years. Nothing happens by chance... All is connected. And now... you stand ready to begin the final chapter of this story. Will the defendant be found guilty, or innocent? The decision is yours.

The MASON System is loaded. Someone starts speaking as the program guides the audience through four different scenes. The audience is told that they would decide the defendant's verdict, and then the scene ends with a foreboding image of Kristoph Gavin on the witness stand, under a spotlight.

Screenshot Title Event(s) covered
"Day 1: Investigation" Death of Drew Misham
"Day 2: Trial Former" Trial (October 8, 2026)
"Day 2: Trial Latter" Trial (October 8, 2026)
...This ends the recording of the trial for the murder of Drew Misham. Vera Misham was, during the trial, poisoned by an unknown assailant. The dosage was just under the lethal amount, sparing the defendant's life. She is currently in intensive care, and is not to be disturbed for any reason. ...A very simple case, at first glance... until it finally began to show its true colors. The long road to the truth takes us to the record of another trial. In some ways, that was the starting point of it all. And that is where we must go... to find the whole truth.

MASON System[]

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Screenshot Title Event(s) covered
"7 Years Ago: Trial Former" Death of Magnifi Gramarye
"7 Years Ago: Trial Latter" Death of Magnifi Gramarye
"MASON System"
...That trial seven years ago was the beginning of it all. This I know beyond a doubt. The mysteries of the past work their magic on the present. But you'll soon be finding all of this out for yourself. Which of Magnifi Gramarye's disciples pulled that trigger? Where did the vanishing defendant, Zak Gramarye, go? What dark truth lurks behind the forged diary page? And what about the girl who was left behind...?

The MASON System is loaded. It contains four "keys" from the past, as well as four "keys" from the present. The final trial begins once all the questions are answered within the program, and every "key" is unlocked, like a game. Phoenix Wright introduces himself, as well as his own weapon analogous to Apollo Justice's bracelet: his magatama.

Final trial[]

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...Something inside me... rising... surfacing...

As someone is speaking, flashbacks appear of Vera Misham serving Drew Misham coffee, the Borscht Bowl Club restaurant area, the poker table in the Hydeout, Magnifi Gramarye's second-to-last diary page, the crime photo of Zak Gramarye's murder, Drew Studio in 2019, Phoenix Wright calling Kristoph Gavin on his phone, Solitary Cell 13, the fake blood-stained ace from Zak's murder trial, and Kristoph Gavin on the witness stand.

Something important... lost long ago... it's close now... so close.
Screenshot Title Event(s) covered
"Day 3: Trial" Trial (October 9, 2026)

References to other cases[]

  • While cross-examining Valant Gramarye during the 2019 trial, the magician mentions that he and Zak Gramarye won at least one Magician's Grand Prix, with a bust being the trophy. Phoenix Wright thinks to himself that "This is one trip down memory lane no one needs." This is a reference to Turnabout Big Top, where Max Galactica also received a bust as a prize after winning the Magician's Grand Prix.
  • Examining the couch in Defendant Lobby No. 2 causes Phoenix Wright to remember how he once took a nap on that couch, and what a mistake it was. This is a reference to The Lost Turnabout, in which Richard Wellington hit Wright on the head with a fire extinguisher shortly after he awoke from a nap on the couch. However, this incident actually occurred in Lobby No. 1, rather than Lobby No. 2.
  • The way Trucy gave the fake Notebook Page to Phoenix is a callback to how she gave Justice the Bloody Ace when Zak Gramarye was murdered.

Cultural references[]

  • Mike Meekins at one point states, "It's a hard knock life, sir!" This is a reference to the song "It's the Hard Knock Life" from the musical Annie.
  • If Spark Brushel is pressed on his claim that he was the first outsider to enter Drew Studio, he describes it as "A Basically Insignificant Step For All Mankind... But A Giant Step For That Brushel Guy." This is a paraphrase of the famous words spoken by Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 moon landing: "That's one small step for (a) man; one giant leap for mankind."
  • When examining the rose in Kristoph Gavin's prison cell, Gavin mentions his "cute, but feisty" pet dog Vongole, and Phoenix Wright mentally remarks "Every dog has its thorn." This is a reference to the song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by the American glam metal band Poison.
    • The name of Kristoph's pet dog, Vongole, is Italian for "clams".
  • At the start of a Gramarye murder case, Klavier Gavin says "Why not wait for him to knock-knock-knock on heaven's door?". This is a clear reference to a song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", by Bob Dylan, and this song was also sung by an American hard rock band Guns N' Roses as well as Eric Clapton, also during the case Klavier Gavin make a references to a classic rock song when he says " The victim was already climbing a three-month stairway to heaven." this is also a clear reference to the song "Stairway to Heaven" by the English rock band Led Zeppelin.


Jury notes[]

  • If Lamiroir votes guilty, the trial is suspended due to a hung jury, and the verdict is postponed until the following day. Unfortunately, Vera Misham's condition worsens and she dies from the poisoning that night, resulting in her trial ending with no verdict given. [1]
  • Regardless of Lamiroir's vote, the verdict is read at 2:14 PM, almost an hour and a half after Phoenix Wright's final remarks to the jury. This seems to suggest that some time was spent on deliberations between jurors.


  • Turnabout Succession is the first time that a game's main rival prosecutor stands as the prosecutor for the entirety of the final main episode (i.e. excluding Special Episodes) of the game.
  • The MASON System chapter of this episode is the second time in the series in which there is no badge of any kind in the court record. The first time is when Phoenix Wright's badge is stolen by Money, the Berry Big Circus's monkey, in Turnabout Big Top.
  • When Phoenix Wright examines the yellow envelope in Kristoph Gavin's prison cell, the addressee is listed as, "David Krisler, 424 Apple Street, Blazing Springs, California, ZIP Code 96012". This was likely an alias that Gavin used when making the forgery request, but it is also a possible reference to David Crislip, Capcom's Product Development Communication Manager and the voice actor for Winston Payne. Blazing Springs, California is fictional; however, 96012 is the ZIP Code of Tennant, California, a small community near the Oregon border.
  • Outside the Sunshine Coliseum, a figure in orange can be seen having a picnic with what appears to be a woman. Later on, another figure in pink can be seen painting in the same location. These may be Larry Butz in his normal and "Laurice Deauxnim" clothes, respectively, though he is too far away in both instances to say for certain.
  • In the original release, Magnifi's Chart used the same evidence icon as Wocky's Chart from Turnabout Corner. This was altered in the 3DS release to the generic white envelope icon.


  1. When talking about the trial simulation in the Wright Anything Agency, Apollo asks, "Who's dumb idea was that anyway?" (instead of "Whose dumb idea was that anyway?")
  2. During the trial, Spark Brushel says, "Even then it had begun digging its claws into the journalist!" This is incorrect because he was referring to Drew Misham, who was an artist, not a journalist, so it should be, "Even then it had begun digging its claws into the artist!"
  3. Just before Phoenix Wright presents the forged diary page, Klavier Gavin says, "It's not to late to rethink this and avoid more... embarrassment" (instead of "It's not too late to rethink this and avoid more... embarrassment").
  4. When talking to young Trucy, she says, "You know, I think thing's are going to be OK!" instead of "You know, I think things are going to be OK!"

Other languages[]

  • Portuguese (Brazilian fan-translation) - Sucessão da Reviravolta (lit. "Turnabout Succession")



  1. The final verdict would have to wait for the following day. But fate had different plans. That night, defendant Vera Misham's condition worsened. She died in her hospital bed. Her verdict was postponed... for eternity.
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