The trial of State VS Enigmar is an important flashback trial that dates seven years prior to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. While it was Klavier Gavin's first time in the courtroom, it is most notorious as the final trial of famed defense attorney, Phoenix Wright.

  • Cause of death: One shot to the forehead
  • Murder Weapon: Gramarye Pistol

The Crime and So Forth

Warning:Plot spoilers below

While hospitalized for liver cancer, Magnifi Gramarye asked for his two students, Zak and Valant, to come to the hospital and shoot his head, individually. Zak arrived first and grabbed one of the pistols near the bed, but he could not bring himself to kill his master and thus shot the head of the clown doll instead. Magnifi woke up and said that he was proud of his pupil, giving him the rights to his magic tricks.

Later, Valant came with the intent to intentionally murder his own mentor and frame his own partner for the crime. However, he couldn't bring himself to do it and dropped the gun. He was about to leave when Magnifi woke up, telling him to stop; the elder man told Valant that he had already given the rights to Zak, leaving Valant in a state of shock as he left the room. As he was in the hallway, he heard a gunshot and went back to the room to find a shocking discovery: Magnifi had shot himself to death! Furious, Valant went ahead to frame Zak for his master's death after all; he rearranged the victim's IV and the time of death.

Hearing that defending Zak successfully in court would help establish himself in legal circles, upcoming lawyer Kristoph Gavin found someone he could hire to do the unthinkable: forge evidence. He met with Ms. Vera Misham, daughter of the painter Drew Misham to fabricate a page from Magnifi's journal which would implicate Valant instead of Zak. He noticed that whenever Vera became nervous, she'd have a habit of biting her nails. Not wanting her to talk about his involvement, Gavin laced a bottle of Ariadoney nail polish with atroquinine poison and lied to her about the nail polish being a magic charm.

Gavin later came to the detention center to speak his client-to-be, Zak Gramarye. However, the latter wanted to play a game of cards--poker--with the former to see if he can trust the man (Zak was using the competition to look into the soul of his competitor). It turns out that Gavin couldn't be trusted and he was let go. Then Zak invited Phoenix Wright over to detention to play cards with him. When he saw that Phoenix was an honest man who believed in the innocence of his clients so much, Zak agreed to hire him. When an angry Kristoph learned about this, he went to his younger brother Klavier and told him that he wouldn't appear at the trial the next day. He then told the younger Gavin about Phoenix presenting bogus evidence there and instructed him to bring out Drew Misham to testify.

The Trial

It was two months since the incident at Eagle Mountain, and Phoenix had just been appointed to this new case, not knowing all the details. He received what appeared to be a page from someone's diary. The young delivery girl (a young Trucy) had no idea what the page was for and was only instructed to give it to Wright. She is the younger daughter of the new client, Shadi Enigmar.

The trial began with Phoenix and the new prosecutor, Klavier Gavin, addressing the Judge. Phoenix already took a dislike to Gavin's rock-star attitude from the get-go. After the defense pointed out the contradiction in Detective Gumshoe's testimony, the prosecution called forth their next witness: the defendant's partner, Valant Gramarye.

Valant testified that the one who shot the forehead of the doll was himself, and that the one who shot Magnifi was Zak. However, Phoenix was able to disprove it by pointing out the color of the liquid in the IV bag and the amount in the syringe. It was not enough to convict him of murder though, as Klavier brought forth an old book which was revealed to be the victim's diary. Seeing that his opponent had not pointing that there was a page missing, Phoenix Wright then sealed his own fate presenting the missing page. Just then, Klavier pounced with his surprise witness, Drew Misham, who testified that it was a fake because his signature was on the page somewhere. The judge was shocked beyond belief. Phoenix had just presented illegal evidence in court! It was all a trap from the very beginning. A trap set by Kristoph Gavin in the shadows.

Just as Zak was about receive the guilty sentence, he went ahead and made sure he was never going to be convicted. With one swoosh of his cape, the defendant had literally VANISHED from the Courtroom.

The Aftermath

Some time after the nightmare trial, Phoenix Wright was put before a hearing of several of his fellow attorneys. They all insisted that Wright was responsible for the forgery of that diary page, and that he should be stripped of his attorney's badge. Of all the lawyers to stand up for him, only Kristoph Gavin defended Phoenix on the allegations (though it was a ploy to cover his tracks).

Trucy was left all alone when her father disappeared so she decided to stay with Phoenix as his adopted daughter. She even had a mother who apparently died three years prior. Phoenix accepted the offer, seeing how lonely she was with no friends or family around.

Valant Gramarye had no such luck either, as he was suspected of murdering his master by several people as well.

As for the true criminal behind the forgery, Kristoph Gavin, he lived in fear for seven years and kept tabs on all parties involved in the Magnifi Gramarye case: he sent a letter to Drew Misham with a commemorative stamp laced with the same poison as the nail polish for Vera; he befriended Phoenix to keep an eye on him and his movements; he even spied on Zak's friend Spark Brushel. That all came to an end seven years later at the Borscht Bowl Club when Zak returned under the guise of traveler Shadi Smith.

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