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* [[The Judge]]
* [[The Judge]]
* [[Winston Payne]]
* [[Winston Payne]]
* [[Olga Orly]]

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Turnabout Trump is the first case in the game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and is the first trial that the protagonist, Apollo Justice faces. He defends the retired legend, Phoenix Wright in the murder of Shadi Smith.



Warning:Plot and Contradiction Spoilers follow

The Crime

Two men are playing poker in an underground room at the Borscht Bowl Club, a Russian restaurant. One of the competitors loses the game and apparently kills the other with a bottle. The defendant then phones someone of the crime that took place and that the police will arrive shortly.

The Trial

Apollo Justice, a new defense lawyer, is waiting nervously for his first trial. His friendly yet intimidating mentor, Kristoph Gavin, shows up and reminds him that he dined with his client on the night of the murder, and that they cannot lose this case. Once Gavin leaves to prepare the defense's case, Apollo meets the defendant who is very calm and collected for someone about to be on trial for murder. He shows his confidence in Apollo and tells the young man that he will see why he chose a greenhorn instead of a veteran lawyer like Kristoph.

The trial starts with both Prosecutor Payne and Apollo addressing the Judge. It seems that Kristoph Gavin was supposed to be the head defense attorney on this case. However, his client selected Justice instead. Once the defendant takes the stand, he is recognized as ex-attorney, Phoenix Wright.

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