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Turner Grey
What nerve, calling herself a weather girl! She's going to hear about my $1500 suit! [...] I'm sorry. I thought that before we got down to business, we could have some friendly chatter.

Turner Grey was the Grey Surgical Clinic's doctor and director. He was the murder victim in a plot to usurp the position of the Master of Kurain.

Malpractice incidentEdit


The malpractice incident.

In 2016, there was a malpractice incident at the Grey Surgical Clinic in which 14 in-patients died. Grey blamed a nurse, Mimi Miney, for the deaths, claiming that she had mixed up the patients' medications. Some time later, on May 24th, Mimi and her sister Ini were involved in a car accident. Only Ini seemed to have come out alive, though her face had to undergo reconstructive surgery. Some believed that Grey was responsible for the car accident.


Phoenix Wright
(This doctor needs his head examined...)

During the channeling.

A year later, the clinic was doing badly due to the bad publicity that it had gotten. In desperation, Grey asked Ini, who was studying the occult at college, about hiring a spirit medium to call Mimi's spirit. Ini recommended Maya Fey, future Master of Kurain. Grey intended to make Mimi sign a written confession taking the blame for the malpractice incident. Grey also wanted Mimi to write a statement that her death was due to her own negligence and not due to him. This would be Fey's first channeling service for the sake of a stranger, so she agreed only to perform it if she saw Phoenix Wright again. Grey thus sought Wright out and arranged for him to go to Kurain Village. Two days before the channeling, Grey bought a pistol on the black market, in case the spirit proved to be violent.

Grey's Shot

Attempting to shoot at his assailant.

Ini was actually Mimi, who had been given Ini's face due to the license found at the scene. Because of this, Fey's channeling would fail if it proceeded, and Mimi feared that Grey would figure out the truth. With the help of Morgan Fey, she hid in the Channeling Chamber, waited until the channeling attempt was underway, knocked Maya out, and then stabbed Grey in the chest. Grey survived and attempted to shoot Mimi with his pistol, but he missed. Mimi then took Grey's gun and shot him at point-blank range right in the forehead, instantly killing him.

Maya Fey was accused of the crime, but Wright was able to prove in court who the real culprit was. In the process, he also discovered that the true purpose of the murder was to remove Maya from the village, allowing Morgan's daughter Pearl to take over as Master of Kurain.


Lotta Hart
I hear he's good at surgery and stuff, but his personality stinks like wet sheep.
Turner Grey Mugshot SD


Grey liked to pass blame onto others, whether it be his clinic staff or even the TV weather girl. He didn't care that Mimi had died or even that 14 of his patients had died. He was only upset that Mimi had died before taking the blame. He came across as a rather irritable and self-important individual, and Wright noted that he wouldn't like to become a patient of his.

Grey also tended to try and out-compete people. When shown Wright's badge, Grey dismissed Wright's profession, calling his own career saintly in comparison. When Wright commented that Fey Manor seemed nice, Grey again dismissed it and claimed that he would have his own, far greater grand mansion someday. Lotta Hart's research into him revealed him to have been a controlling man, who would yell at nurses and patients if they didn't do what he wanted. He was also described by Mimi as a "slave driver" who was extremely tough on his staff, frequently overworking them. Nevertheless, he was a skilled surgeon who was well known to the public, although the latter was mainly because of his appearance in various tabloid shows due to the malpractice incident.

The fact that he brought a gun with him to the channeling indicates that Grey knew that the spirit of his former employee might attempt to attack him, although whether this was foresight or paranoia is up to interpretation. However, the fact that he would have been threatening someone who was already dead with said gun hints that he may not have thought his plan through entirely, or else he was simply unconcerned about any potential harm his actions could have to Maya Fey's life if it meant preserving his own.


  • "Kirisaki" (霧崎) comes from the Japanese verb "kirisaku", which means "to cut open".
  • "Grey" may be a reference to the human anatomy textbook Gray's Anatomy or to the medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, the name of which is an amalgam of the name of the main character (Meredith Grey) and the aforementioned medical textbook.
  • "Turner Grey" may be a play on "turning grey" which is certainly what his hair is doing, possibly due to the stress caused by his job. It could also be a play on "turn her grey", which could be a reference to the amount of stress he caused to Mimi, resulting in the death of several patients. Alternatively, his name could also be a reference to Grey Turner's sign, a type of bruising around the torso that can predict a severe attack of acute pancreatitis. This bruising is named after the British surgeon George Grey Turner.
  • "Paul Afforme" is a play on the French phrase "je n'ai pas la forme", which means "I'm not doing so well" or "I'm sick".


  • When Grey lifts his glasses, he uses his middle finger. Unlike in the West, showing the middle finger is not an offensive gesture in Japan, and the gesture was overlooked in the English localization. However, this was corrected in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, with Grey using his index finger instead in those versions.
  • The circumstances of his murder are similar to another case that involved a car accident, the murder weapons being a knife and a gun, the victim being a doctor with his own clinic, the murderer previously being a nurse at the doctor's clinic, a Japanese-themed family being involved, and the murder happening in June. Both cases are also the second ones in their respective games and both feature a perverted patient masquerading as a clinic director.
  • Grey's hair is based on the hair of the manga character "Black Jack".[1]


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