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Tyrell Badd
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Tyrell Badd
...Do I need to teach you a thing or two about how to talk to adults, kid!?

Tyrell Badd was a homicide detective in charge of the various investigations of the "Great Thief" known as the Yatagarasu. Badd was a detective for many years, overseeing a wide variety of cases and earning a great deal of respect from fellow detectives such as Dick Gumshoe. The bullet holes in his trenchcoat represent the sheer danger of his job. His role in catching the Yatagarasu ended when he testified in a trial that he was, in fact, one of the three people who actually constituted the thief.

The IS-7 Incident[]

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Detective Badd in 2000.

In December 2000, Badd was put in charge of the case of Jeffrey Master, a famous television chef who had been accused of murdering a fellow chef during a confectionery competition held at his mansion. Rip Lacer was in charge of the initial investigation, but prosecutor Manfred von Karma replaced him with Badd on the field, though Lacer was still allowed to do the interrogations. However, von Karma limited Badd's ability to investigate, and instead investigated much of the area himself, much to Badd's annoyance.

Soon, Gregory Edgeworth, Master's attorney, arrived. Although Badd initially distrusted him, Edgeworth's honesty and logic impressed Badd, and so he helped him investigate the scene. Over the course of their investigation, the two discovered a number of peculiarities in the case before Edgeworth encountered von Karma for the first time. After some debate, they went into the victim's room to find that his entry for the competition had disappeared. Von Karma soon kicked out both Edgeworth and Badd.

This was the last straw for the detective, who decided that he would fully cooperate with Edgeworth. Badd gave the attorney access to information on the investigation and helped with verifying various discoveries. He even helped Edgeworth meet with Master and give the latter chocolate from Katherine Hall. Badd's assistance eventually got him into trouble with von Karma once Edgeworth deduced that the body had gone missing rather than being taken into custody. Von Karma took Badd off the case and later went to court with a forged autopsy report to refute Edgeworth's claims. The trial lasted a year until, as one last favor to Edgeworth, Badd managed to produce a recording of Master being threatened into confessing. Although von Karma was still able to convict Master as an accomplice to the murder, the recording earned von Karma the only penalty in his long, otherwise "perfect", career.

Birth of the Yatagarasu[]

Main article: KG-8 Incident

The original Yatagarasu.

Badd was one of the detectives assigned to protect Cece Yew, an employee of the Amano Group, who was to testify about her employer's role in an international smuggling ring. However, someone managed to enter her apartment and kill her. Still, the evidence pointed towards Manny Coachen as her killer, due to a surveillance video of Yew's apartment that caught Coachen entering with a knife, and thus he was tried. However, some members of the Amano Group lured Badd into a trap and managed to steal the tape. Thus, the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, was unable to convict Coachen. Half of the bullet holes in Badd's jacket were said to have been from that incident.

The trial affected Badd and Faraday deeply, as well as the woman's grieving sister Calisto Yew, who slapped Badd and told him she never wanted to see him again. However, the three ended up working together and becoming the Yatagarasu, a "noble thief" who would steal the truth when the law could do nothing. Calisto Yew would get close to companies and people in her job as a defense attorney, while Byrne Faraday could use a small device to detect security measures protecting the Yatagarasu's targets. Badd became the head of the Yatagarasu investigation and, in doing so, was put in a position in which he was able to remove any evidence that would reveal the true identities of the Yatagarasu.

Unbeknownst to the two men, "Calisto" was not the murdered woman's sister at all, but a member of the smuggling ring who had been sent to spy on Badd and Faraday.

The second KG-8 Incident[]

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Three years after the KG-8 Incident, a similar case developed, informally referred to as the second KG-8 Incident. The Yatagarasu struck the embassy, and Mack Rell, a simple thug, was caught on camera killing a Cohdopian Embassy employee who was about to testify about the smuggling ring. He was arrested, and when Badd questioned him, he admitted to being the Yatagarasu. Knowing this to be false, Badd quizzed the man on the Yatagarasu's calling card, but Rell didn't even know about the calling card.

Rell was eventually taken to court, where Calisto Yew was to defend him and Badd was to testify as an expert witness on the Yatagarasu. However, the detective wasn't given the chance. Rell declared in court that the Yatagarasu had told him to commit the murder and that the Yatagarasu was the prosecutor for the case, Byrne Faraday. The court was forced to adjourn in the uproar that ensued and a new prosecutor was sent for. The feared prosecutor Manfred von Karma put forward his young protégé Miles Edgeworth, Gregory's son, as Faraday's replacement. This would be the younger Edgeworth's first ever case.

Faraday's murder[]

Meanwhile, Faraday dragged Rell to Defendant Lobby No. 2 to interrogate him. Badd suspected something might go wrong and so ordered a detective from the precinct to act as a guard outside the lobby. He went to the main entrance to await the new arrival and, after ten minutes, Dick Gumshoe, a new detective, arrived. Badd escorted the greenhorn up to his post to find Calisto waiting, asking to speak with him. Badd left Gumshoe in front of the door to Lobby No. 2 and went with Calisto into Lobby no. 1 next door.

After talking for a while about "trivial" matters, the defense attorney spilled some of her perfume. The smell was unbearable for Badd, forcing him to open a window. A short while later, there was the sound of a gunshot. Badd raced next door to check on Faraday and Rell and found the two men in a heap on the floor, apparently having killed each other. Rell had been shot and Faraday was lying on top of Rell with a stab wound.

Miles Edgeworth arrived on the scene along with Franziska von Karma, having been given the task of investigating the case. Badd was unimpressed with Edgeworth, treating him and Franziska like children. He felt that he had been give the role of "babysitter", having to watch over the pair as they investigated. Although Badd tried to argue with Manfred von Karma about putting them on the case, even the veteran detective was no match for him.

Badd told the "kids" about his alibi. During his investigation, Edgeworth discovered that the murder had happened half an hour earlier than previously thought, and that Calisto had killed Faraday with the Yatagarasu's Key. Badd watched in horror as Edgeworth confronted Calisto in Courtroom No. 3 and exposed her as the Yatagarasu. Calisto suddenly drew out a gun, took the Yatagarasu's Key and escaped from the courtroom. Badd chased after her only to receive another bullet hole in his jacket. After the ordeal, both Badd and Faraday's daughter, Kay Faraday, vowed to catch her.

Office invasion[]

Main article: Turnabout Visitor

Miles Edgeworth stumbles upon Badd.

Seven years later, Badd broke into Faraday's old office, which Edgeworth now occupied, to steal the KG-8 files. Although he discovered a dead body in the room, he paid little attention to it as he rummaged through Edgeworth's files to find what he wanted. However, Edgeworth returned before Badd could clean up, so the detective pointed a gun at the prosecutor's back. With Edgeworth unable to identify him due to the room being in a darkened state, he fired a warning shot as a threat. After being warned by Edgeworth that no-one would get away with committing murder in his office, Badd escaped into the hallway. Edgeworth later discovered the KG-8 file just outside his office, minus some pages. The young prosecutor had no idea of the intruder's true identity at the time, but he did find the individual who had committed the murder in his office, Jacques Portsman, who had received a directives card from the smuggling ring's leader to dispose of evidence incriminating the CEO of the Amano Group, Ernest Amano.

Incident at the embassy[]

Main article: Turnabout Ablaze

Meanwhile, Cohdopia had split into two different countries, Allebahst and Babahl. Each took half of the Cohdopian Embassy building. Ten years after the KG-8 Incident, a special event occurred at the embassy, a first step towards re-unification. However, the embassy received a card from the Yatagarasu that she would arrive to unveil all their dirty secrets.

During the event, multiple things went wrong: two fires were started at the Babahlese Embassy, Manny Coachen's body was found inside his office, the body of a man dressed as Mask☆DeMasque II was found in the Allebahstian Embassy, and the shadow of the Yatagarasu appeared during a speech. Suspecting Calisto Yew's involvement, Badd appeared to help with the investigation into the Allebahstian murder, as well as to track down the Yatagarasu. He appeared multiple times to help Edgeworth in his investigation, particularly when it involved the Yatagarasu.

Trying to shoot Shih-na, but being prevented by Shi-Long Lang's intervention.

Eventually, Edgeworth discovered that one of the Interpol agents investigating the case, Shih-na, was involved with the murder. Edgeworth questioned the woman and eventually revealed that she was Calisto Yew. Badd appeared just in time as Shih-na took hold of Kay Faraday, using her as a hostage. Edgeworth had figured out the true identity of the Yatagarasu, and Badd revealed that he was the third member as he pointed his gun at Shih-na. He was about to shoot the traitor, when her supervisor, Shi-Long Lang, moved in the way and took the bullet in the leg. Lang announced that she was his responsibility, and took her away. As she was leaving, she announced that she had murdered nobody that night.

Since Calisto Yew was finally caught, Badd felt he could finally retire. He told Edgeworth that he was the one who had broken into his office and taken the information on the KG-8 Incident. He returned the pages he took, which contained a trump card: the directives card Coachen had been given to murder Cece Yew. He also gave Edgeworth the tape that Jacques Portsman had tried to steal. It was the same evidence Ernest Amano had ordered to be stolen to prevent Coachen from receiving a guilty verdict. Badd then turned himself in to Gumshoe, who was sad to have to arrest his superior. Badd left the case in Edgeworth's hands, who proceeded to uncover the true mastermind behind the smuggling ring and "Calisto Yew's" superior: the Allebahstian ambassador Quercus Alba.

As a witness[]

Badd later testified as to the Yatagarasu's activities at Alba's trial. He met Lang after the trial and discussed the movements of the smuggling ring, which was now experiencing infighting to determine the new leader. Badd was tired of the smuggling ring hunt and left it to Lang and his officers. Edgeworth would later go on to solve the IS-7 Incident, with Dane Gustavia being revealed as the true culprit. Badd testified in the subsequent trial.


Detective Badd in 2019.

Badd was a tough veteran detective, having covered many cases in which his life was at risk, evident from his bullet hole-filled trenchcoat. He took his job seriously, feeling great guilt for Cece Yew's death. Badd was good friends with Byrne and treated Kay like they were blood relatives, to the point of keeping a close eye on her Promise Notebook while it was in evidence lock-up. Despite this, he had little patience for people he felt were wasting his time, and he didn't appreciate being forced to take a backseat to those less competent than he was, as seen with his treatment of Miles and Franziska. If he felt his time was being wasted, he would ignore the individual and simply look at himself with his hand mirror. As such, Badd was not overly fond of Miles Edgeworth at first, calling him "boy" and "kid". However, Miles' determination and logical prowess eventually earned him Badd's respect.

Badd keeps a hand mirror inside his trenchcoat, and he often pulls it out as if pulling out a gun. The mirror is also Badd's way of making sure who's behind him at any given time. Additionally, despite his gruff demeanor, Badd seems to have a sweet tooth. What at first could be mistaken for being a cigarette constantly sticking out of his mouth is, in fact, the stick of a lollipop. Badd speaks with pauses in the middle of his sentences, but stops doing so once he pulls out his lollipop, implying he is only doing so because he is sucking on his lollipop, rather than for dramatic effect.

Badd has his own philosophy about the law and what justice means, which often puts him at odds with his job as a detective. He often disobeys his superiors if he feels they aren't upholding the law, and will tend to side with those who can instead bring him closer to the truth.


  • His Japanese first name ("Ittetsu") means "headstrong". "Badou" may come from twisting the romanization of the word "bad" ("baddo"). It may also come from "bird" (bādo), referring to his connection to the Yatagarasu.
  • His English surname may simply be a modified version of his Japanese surname, "Badou". Alternatively, it could be a play on "bad" (as in bold or daring, rather than evil or wicked).
  • His full English name may also be a pun on "The real bad", possibly as a reference to his being a part of the Yatagarasu. If the first and last names were to switch places, it would be read similarly to "Bad Trial", which would relate closely to the unresolved KG-8 Incident.
  • "Pops", Gumshoe's nickname for Badd, not only suits the fact that the veteran detective is older, but also the lollipop in his mouth.
  • In the unofficial French translation patch of this game, his name is "Sergio Badd". Sergio means "servant or attendant" which possibly references his role in the Yatagarasu.


  • Badd's design and personality seem to be partially based on the stereotypical film noir detective, although his hand mirror and fondness for candy somewhat subvert the trope.