Prosecutor's Building Underground Parking Lot
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People to meet Jake Marshall
Angel Starr
Available evidence Wallet
Goodman's ID
Goodman's Autopsy Report
Cell phone
Victim's note
Luminol Testing Fluid
Steak Lunch
Linked locations Wright & Co. Law Offices
Detention center
High Prosecutor's Office
Police department entrance
Locations in Prosecutor's Building
  • Underground parking lot



The Prosecutor's Building underground parking lot was the location of the apparent murder of Bruce Goodman by Lana Skye. The lot is divided in two by a nine-foot-high wire fence, with an "A" side for prosecutors, and a "B" side for visitors.

The apparent crime occurred in the boot of Miles Edgeworth's car while it was inside the parking lot. In reality, Goodman had been murdered elsewhere and his body had been transported via Edgeworth's car, although the prosecutor himself was oblivious to this.

Angel Starr spent a good deal of time selling lunches in the parking lot and meeting with some of her many boyfriends. She also used this access in order to investigate the case that led to her dismissal.


Floor plan.

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