An unstable jar was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman.

Goodman's murder[edit | edit source]

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Wright found the jar in pieces in the evidence room and repaired it. He later found the final fragment in Damon Gant's safe, although Dick Gumshoe refused to give it to him until the fragment's connection to the murder was proven. Wright then showed it to Detective Gumshoe and successfully fit the fragment into the jar, proving its connection to the case. He then used it and the strip of cloth to prove that Gant was hiding evidence from the SL-9 Incident.

The day after, during the final day of the trial of Lana Skye, Wright argued that, on the night of Neil Marshall's death, Ema Skye had mistaken the jar for the Blue Badger. This meant that the scene that Ema had saw and drawn on the Evidence List had occurred on Gant's side of the office, as opposed to Lana's side. Afterwards, it was used to show where the message Neil Marshall left was.

Later, during the middle session of the trial, Wright used the jar to tie Gant to the forgery, as the fragment with lines was found in his safe. Not only that, but the evidence list with the part of the drawing that showed two men fighting was found in his desk. He later used it in the final trial session to prove that the jar couldn't have been broken during the events that occurred before Marshall's death, as the message wouldn't have been written the way it was if it were broken. Afterwards, he used it to prove that Lana hadn't managed to wipe away the entire message, allowing him to deduce that Gant had arrived on the scene first.

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