You may be looking for the character that appears in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

I guess I should actually put something here, huh?

I'm Fenrir Darke, the resident furry of the wiki! You can call me or Fen or FenrirDarkWolf (which is actually a misnomer as I'm an otter/wolf hybrid). I previously went by the usernames BuddyFaithAKADiego or Diego.

I'm mostly here to make sure everything is nice and tidy, and, for some reason, making sure the victims' articles are decent. I mostly just fix things up and add new info as I find it, albeit some I've had was wrong too, so.. whoops, my bad~

I made a lot of the Spirit of Justice articles, by the by! I'm pretty happy about those. I never tracked my article milestones, but I know I did that sooooo~

How I got into the series[edit | edit source]

Well, it was because of my mother. She picked up the original Ace Attorney and Trials and Tribulations, and eventually rented Justice for All later. She played them and then I played them, and I really, really enjoyed them. I've played all of the main series at least once, and both of the Ace Attorney Investigations ones. I've only watched the translated DGS cases.

From playing them, I wanted to make my own Ace Attorney style cases, which lead me to Ace Attorney Online, which, somehow or another, lead me into my weird furryism and now I'm here and I'm not going anywhere ^^

Favourite cases by game[edit | edit source]

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