Before you do anything, I should probably warn you that I am very VERY bad at detecting when I'm putting a spoiler in anything I'm typing, so, just a fair warning, proceed at your own risk. 

Hi! Umm, I'm, uh, Corrncob! If you're wondering why the double r's, it's because "Corncob" with a single R was taken. 

So, how I got introduced to AA. It was, oh, a month ago-or so. I was mucking around on UTube trying to find something I could play while doing homework(GROAN). Found Apollo Justice's Cornered theme. Needless to say I loved it and started to try out some other AA musicks. Eventually something prompted me to look into the game itself. Started watching walk-through vids. Loved those too. I vaguely remembered coming across something like this on the Nintendo E-Shoppe some months prior. Realized it was PW:AA:DD, so I checked E-Shoppe and sure enough there it is. I didn't download it however. About a week later I was trying to figure out how to get some AA games at "discount" prices (cuz, you know, there ARE an awful lot of 'em). Stumbled across the term "emulator". Looked into it. Downloaded an emulator by the name of OpenEmu (you can find it on, I highly recommend bcuz it covers pretty much all consoles xcept N64). Downloaded some AA games. Started with PW:AA:T&T, which was probably not a good idea due to the fact that these games are pretty plot-driven, but hey, I had already thoroughly perused the wiki, why not. Completely loved it. 

And so there you have it. I've only had OpenEmu for a week or a half now, but I'm halfway through Recipe for Turnabout on T&T, halfway through Reunion & Turnabout on JFA, just about to start Turnabout Samurai on AA, just about to start Turnabout Reminiscence on AAI. Fave titles? I'd have to say T&T and AAI (no surprise there). I dunno, I guess what I like about T&T is the feature where you go back in time and play as Mia Fey, and it's also a cool plot twist that the PROSECUTOR turns out to be the culprit in the final case. I guess the only thing I DON'T like about T&T is the music. Yeah, the composers totally took a crapper on that one. But the good gameplay and plot more than makes up for it. And, you all know, what the heckeroonie's not to like about AAI? All this shite about The Twisted Samurai giving good old Edgey a run for his don't believe a word of it, y'hear? 

And...yeah, that pretty much sums up me as far as any of you are concerned. Also, a memo for Strabo412, since I haven't figured out how to work the darn message wall: Hey, strabo, HOW the heck did you get so good at editing??? If they gave out degrees in "Wiki-Ology", you'd definitely earn one.

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