• I live in Canada
  • I am female


Location Canada
Wiki Contribution Style I love adding new info ^-^! It's rare, but sometimes I will also edit others' grammar or sentence construction.
Favourite Case Rise from the Ashes
Favourite Character Ema Skye
Current Projects The Music summary section and related pages, especially the Musicals
Games Played

Why Here?Edit

After seeing all the hard work that everyone put in to the invaluable Timeline page (which I've used time and time again for my fanfic writing) I felt compelled to stick around and help out too. Also, I love the music of the series, so it's really nice to take the time to delve into all the details with everyone! There's so much to do it seems like the next theme of my work is a long way away, but I look forward to it!

Minna, Gambatte!


I'm active around various fandoms in fits and starts...

  • On Wikimoon, I'm also called Diagnosed. Sailor Moon is my first love. I have to say Ace Attorney is really coming up a close second though now!
  • Sometimes I like to express my fan enthusiasm via cosplay and song covers.
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