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  • I live in Manehattan
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is Digital artist
  • I am A MAN! *punch*

Zvarri! Welcome to ImperfectXIII's user page. Who's ImperfectXIII? I'm ImperfectXIII. But you should already know that. After all, you clicked on this page. ...Is my signature snark doing anything for you yet?

About meEdit

In a nutshell, I'm a gamer and a brony (a guy who likes My Little Pony Friendship is Magic). My favorite video game genre is Japanese RPG, and I like listening to alternative and progressive rock. (I'll stop before this starts to feel like an eHarmony profile.)

How I got into the seriesEdit

The Ace Attorney series was always something I'd been marginally aware of but never gave more than a passing glance. I'd watched the occasional YTP video, but it never really sparked my interest.

However, being an avid brony, I consume (would that be the right word to use?) a lot of My Little Pony-related media, including fan-made works. One day in late 2013, I stumbled upon a My Little Pony/Ace Attorney crossover series called Turnabout Storm. It was five videos long (with a sixth in production at the time) with a total runtime of just over six and a half hours.

I stayed up all night watching it from beginning to end.

Having never played any Ace Attorney games beforehand, the My Little Pony aspect naturally drew me in more, but the Ace Attorney aspect caught my attention just as much. So much, in fact, that I bought the first three games in the series on WiiWare the very next day.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I would play through those, Apollo Justice, and Ace Attorney Investigations and eagerly await the U.S. releases of Dual Destinies and the Professor Layton crossover.

Where you can find meEdit

I'm a fairly active member on a number of other Wikis, most especially the My Little Pony Wiki, the My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki, and the Star vs. the Forces of Evil Wiki (all three of which I am an administrator).

You may also sometimes find me on the PlayStation Network, of which my PSN handles are ImpyThirteen (PS3) and Impus Tredecim (PS4).

List of favoritesEdit

To-do listEdit

  • General cleanup where necessary
  • Case transcripts (in progress)
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