• I live in A place where unicorns rule.(USA)
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Playing around
  • I am male
Kirby774 is a cool person on this wiki who does lots of                                                                                          

edits and trys to work hard. He also has many favorite characters in ace attorney

history. Like these:

Favorite Characters
Character Notes Number
Apollo Justice He is the king of being fine. 1
Klavier Gavin Rock star prosecutor 2
Trucy Wright You expected something! 3
Phoenix Wright The legendary attorney 4
Robin Newman Breaking bad pots 5
Simon Blackquill The Twisted Samurai 6
Athena Cykes "I'm a lawyer and I'm only 18!" 7
Phantom He or she is also a detective 8

Kristoph Gavin

Marlon Rimes Marlon the fish is rhyming! 10

  Early Life                                                                                   Edit

 Kirby774 was a hot-blooded kid who liked to do lots of things.

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AJ Apollo mugshot


                                                                                                           As a witness Edit

Kirby774 was a witness  when there was a retrial for Turnabout Trump because of new evidence. He was the last witness to be Cross-Examined. Mr.Phoenix Wright proved that Kristoph Gavin  couldn't of done the murder, then saying that Kirby774 did it.       

As the defendant Edit

As the defendant for Turnabout Trump he was proven Not Guilty and that Kristoph Gavin was the murderer by Apollo Justice. They became close friends shortly after.

As a Defense Attorney Edit

When Kirby was 20, he began his law career. He defended hundreds!

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