aka Loony

  • I live in the moon.
  • My occupation is Saving the world on a regular basis, of course. Who doesn't?
  • I am a cat. That's a gender, right?
Iris Court

*crowd mutters*

Hello! Call me Loony because I don't mind.... unless I have actually seen you outside of a computer screen. My older sister got me interested in the Phoenix Wright games, and I started with Justice for All. I've started getting my younger brother hooked, and in the meantime I figure out ways to, for example, get my younger sister to name her stuffed animals after villains from one of my favorite TV shows. Or try giving her the Dahlia Hawthorne hairstyle (SHE LOVED IT). I have played the games through Ace Investigations 1 and I'm not sure where to go next. In the meantime, I continue screaming with my sister about the anime...

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