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Athena Cykes
And we will! Los' gehts!
Dual Destinies SDCC Demo


I wish to be a defense attorney someday.

I can say that I am a typical girl who has an irregular personality compared to my friends now and before. I would say that in my school, girls are into stuff like boy bands, I totally hate those kinda stuff. I love Japanese culture and media, video games and stuff. I say that because my schoolmates are into stuff like boy bands, it's really, really hard to find someone that I can easily relate towards. I currently study Japanese. I dream to be a defense attorney in Los Angeles once I grow up. I don't want to study International Law (I think International Law tuition fee is higher than regular law schools, but I seriously dunno). Ah, who cares. I'll just go to LA. I deeply respect the skills of my uncle (he's a lawyer), Phoenix, Apollo and Athena (despite being fictional.) Someday, I'll seek my own Turnabouts (yeah!) Well,*sigh*, I still have a long way to go! I love the AA series and I always wait for the next AA game.

What are the stuff I like?Edit

Well, here goes....

  1. Cookie something cereals (I call it Snackoos, how am I supposed to memorize its name?!)*
  2. AA (Of course, how will I spend a day without AA?)
  3. My iPad mini. (I'll never leave home without it.
  4. The people who are kind to me (If they will talk to me about the stuff I hate, they're sorely disappointed!)*
*A reference to what Ema said in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Current thingiesEdit

Currently, I'm reading new English names and fit with all of them especially Metis Cykes because it fits her personal life. I feel so happy about PW: AA :DD because of it having a successful development. I tried checking the web on Oct. 24 (Philippines' time) but I totally forgot that I was in another time zone (that sucks!) The 25th, a whole lotta knowledge came throughout me(yay for DD!)

Favorites from the seriesEdit



My favorite wiki pagesEdit

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