I'm SuperbowserX. That is my name on other wikis out there, but my name on YouTube/Bulbapedia is Subscriber0101.

(Note: Much of this page is a memento for myself).

How I got into the series? Well there is this reviewer out there called Wiiviewr, and I saw his review of the first 2 Wii ports. Some months afterwards in early February 2013 (around 5th-10th to the 24th) I then got into playing the first DS game and was HOOKED. Eventually, while I was playing Rise from the Ashes I just converted to the Wiiware version and played through the whole game again on that and beat Rise from the Ashes (March 9th). Then, I began going through the PWAA2 (March 9th - Early April) and PWAA3 (April 6th- May 12th) games on Wiiware in. By June 24th I managed to entirely beat Apollo Justice. Also, after a long break from the series (I kind of overdosed/over-fanboyed on it), I beat MEI (started Jan 2014, wrapped up May 25th 2014, but my system broke halfway through that point).

Then there was the unofficial port of Gyakuten Kenji 2 which I wrapped up over the course of June-July 2014. Even though it's a little bit illegitimate a nominee since much of the text had to be translated arbitrarily (for of course a perfect translation would actually not make clear sense), the game tops the other Ace Attorney games as my favorite.

Fortunately, I am able to play Dual Destinies on my iOS device now. Going through it atm.

From favorite to least favorite, that's GK2, PWAA3, MEI, PWAA, PWAA2 and AJAA.

Here are a fav-to-least-fav list of cases for each game IMO.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes, Rise From the Ashes, Turnabout Sisters, Turnabout Samurai, The First Turnabout (Favorite Track: Cornered 2001)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All: Farewell, My Turnabout, Turnabout Big Top, The Lost Turnabout, Reunion, and Turnabout (Favorite Track: Cornered 2002)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations: Bridge to the Turnabout, Turnabout Beginnings, Turnabout Memories, Recipe for Turnabout, The Stolen Turnabout (Favorite Track: Furio Tigre)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: Turnabout Succession, Turnabout Corner, Turnabout Trump, Turnabout Serenade (Favorite Track: We Won The Case)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: The Kidnapped Turnabout, Turnabout Airlines, Turnabout Ablaze, Turnabout Visitor, Turnabout Reminiscence (Favorite Track: Tie between Lying Coldly and Presto 2009)

Gyakuten Kenji 2: The Grand Turnabout, The Forgotten Turnabout, Turnabout Target, The Inherited Turnabout, The Inherited Turnabout (Favorite Track: Tie between "Allegro" and "Investigation Middlegame").

Good luck, and happy solving!

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