Rong Choyice

Rong Choyice was the Defense Attorney in the SL-9 case. He had many clashes with Neil Marshall, a prosecutor and brother of Jake Marshall. Rong was known for his clumsiness, and had only won two cases, one against Neil, and one against Winston Payne. The SL-9 case was the only thing he was really prepared for, and he was ready to go against Miles Edgeworth.

Choyice was the only Attorney willing to defend Joe Darke in court. He just had this strange feeling that Darke didn’t do what he was accused of. Darke ended up becoming friends with the defense attorney. However, the friendship came at a price. Darke said that he would get vengeance on the attorney if he got a guilty verdict.

Joe Darke
I know you’ve had a bad past, but you’re my only hope of survival.....don’t fail me.
A conversation between Joe Darke and Rong Choyice

Choyice did not fear the killer, and collected evidence with the help of Bobby Fulbright. His mentor, Marvin Grossberg, once told him that you don’t have to trust your defendant, but only defend them if you know they’re innocent. Choyice knew Darke was innocent, and continued. The case took 3 days, and the final verdict was “Guilty.” Choyice stood no chance against Miles Edgeworth.

Before Darke received his verdict, he gave Choyice a sinister look. After the execution, Choyice almost resigned, but kept his job as an attorney. He kept receiving threats revolving around the SL-9 Incident. He finally let go of all of it. Thankfully, Choyice won about 7 cases after this, trying to win his reputation back.

Turnabout Goodbyes

Even after the SL-9 Incident, Choyice stayed in touch with Edgeworth, and they both agreed that the past is the past. However, 2 years later, Choyice received a phone call from Edgeworth. Apparently, Edgeworth was charged of murder and Edgeworth wanted Choyice to be his Defense Attorney. Choyice went over to the Detention Center to make his decision. After hearing what the case was, Choyice backed down. He knew if he defended Edgeworth, he’d get a guilty verdict. He later heard that Phoenix Wright won the case defending Miles, and this relieved him.

Rise from the Ashes

Two years after Choyice’s failure, he learned about a new case revolving around SL-9. The defense was lead by Phoenix Wright, who Choyice had heard about. Rong kept himself updated on the case, and was shocked when he heard something unusual on the news. Apparently, Darke didn’t kill Neil Marshall, it was Damon Gant who did the crime. To Rong, this was relieving. His conscious was right about Darke, and now he had to live in an endless regret. What did Wright do correctly, and what did Rong do incorrectly? He never knew, and ended up retiring one month later


Rong is a very clumsy and translucent person. Most prosecutors can see right through him and catch on to any mistakes Choyice makes. Choyice also struggles with cross-examinations, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Choyice’s mistakes cross-examining Lana and Ema Skye almost costed him his job. Choyice is also cowardly, and that is why his suit is yellow. His rival is Neil Marshall, brother of Jake Marshall. He had many cases against the prosecutor, and lost almost all of the. Marshall destroyed Choyice’s reputation.

Choyice had known Jake Marshall as a kid. They both went to the same school, and were good friends until Jake’s obsession with Texas. Choyice made fun of this, and then the two became enemies. This is what started Choyice’s rivalry with Neil. Neil became a prosecutor just to get his revenge of Choyice for all of the mean things he did to his brother.


Rong Choyice- Rong Choyice means “Wrong Choice,” because the game is referring to the SL-9 case where he chose to help Joe Darke.

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