• Aeliren

    After the last fan translation I made, I decided to continue on with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and its sequel.

    • Raymond "Ray" Shields
      • René Boqulet ("René" - Comes from the first name of the French dub voice actor for Perry Mason. "Boqulet" - Warped version of "bouclier", which means "shield".)
    • Sebastian Debeste
      • Sébastien Lemieux ("Lemieux" - Translation of "the best"; Though it should be said that the proper way to say that a person is the best in French is "Le meilleur".)

    Turnabout Visitor: Visiteur du Volte-face

    • Jacques Portsman
      • Athel Portif ("Athlète Sportif", a play on "sportive athlete".)
    • Buddy Faith
      • Fidrel Porthos ("Fidrel" - Warped version of "fidel", meaning "loyal" or to have faith in someone. "Porthos" - Reference to the Three …

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  • Aeliren

    Since Dual Destinies didn't come out in French, I decided to give my take on how the characters and cases could be named in a French localization. It's not a full list, as I won't be changing some names, though I may add more eventually.

    • Simon Blackquill:
      • Simon Plumenoire (litt. "Simon Blackquill".)
      • Tristan Lapointe ("Tristan" - "Triste" meaning "sad". "Lapointe" - Refers to the "tip" of his "sword".)
    • Bobby Fulbright:
      • Floic Éclaire ("Floic" - Both a warped version of Loic and a play on "flic", which is a French nickname for the police. "Éclaire" - Refers to his "bright"ness.)
      • Bertrand Poulin ("Bertrand" - Derived from the German word for "Bright". "Poulin" - Derived from the word "poulet", which translates to "chicken" and is apparently a French nickn…

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