Since Dual Destinies didn't come out in French, I decided to give my take on how the characters and cases could be named in a French localization. It's not a full list, as I won't be changing some names, though I may add more eventually.


  • Simon Blackquill:
    • Simon Plumenoire (litt. "Simon Blackquill".)
    • Tristan Lapointe ("Tristan" - "Triste" meaning "sad". "Lapointe" - Refers to the "tip" of his "sword".)
  • Bobby Fulbright:
    • Floic Éclaire ("Floic" - Both a warped version of Loic and a play on "flic", which is a French nickname for the police. "Éclaire" - Refers to his "bright"ness.)
    • Bertrand Poulin ("Bertrand" - Derived from the German word for "Bright". "Poulin" - Derived from the word "poulet", which translates to "chicken" and is apparently a French nickname for the police.)

Turnabout Countdown

Turnabout Countdown: Le Volte-face à Rebours

  • Gaspen Payne:
    • Maxime Boulay ("Maxime" - Derived from the Latin name "Maximus", meaning "greatest". An ironic name referring to how he believes himself and his brother to be Phoenix Wright's nemesis. "Boulay" - Winston Payne's French surname, comes from the word "boulet", which is used for someone who always does things incorrectly to the point of being a burden.)
  • Candice Arme:
    • Anne Desarmes (Pun on "Anne désarme/Anne disarms", referring to her job as a bomb specialist.)
  • Juniper Woods:
    • Junie Forestier ("Junie" - Shortened French form for "Juniper". "Forestier" - Cognate of "Forester", a nature reference.)

The Monstrous Turnabout

The Monstrous Turnabout: Le Volte-face Monstrueux

  • Florent L'Belle:
    • Fiorenzo Acerbi ("Fiorenzo" - Like how Jean Armstrong was made Italian in the French localization. Italian form for "Florent". "Acerbi" - Comes from the Italian word "acerbo", meaning "heartless" or "harsh", which given the means he's taken for his plan seems like an apt description to me.)

Turnabout Academy

Turnabout Academy: L'Académie Volte-face

  • Aristotle Means:
    • Aristide Gagnon ("Aristide" - Comes from the Greek name Aristeides, which meant "the best kind". It also belonged to Aristide the Just, who was known for his integrity - the complete opposite of Means. "Gagnon" - pronounced the same way as "Gagnons", which is translated to "Let's win", or "Gagnant", which is translated to "Winner".)
  • Robin Newman:
    • Alex Manet ("Alex" - Androgynous first name. "Manet" - Reference to French painter Claude Monet, as a reference to her more artistic side.)
  • Hugh O'Connor:
    • Paul Dieudonné ("Paul" - Comes from "humble" in Latin, which he most certainly is not. "Dieudonné" - Refers to how he thinks himself above everyone. When put together gives "Pas le dieudonné", which refers to how he isn't quite as smart as he thinks he is.)

The Cosmic Turnabout

The Cosmic Turnabout: Le Volte-face Cosmique

  • Clay Terran:
    • Roland Thierry ("Roland" - Means "famous land" in German, from the elements "hrod" - meaning "fame" - and "land". He never left the planet, his "land". "Thierry" - Warped version of "Terrier/Terrien", referring to the Earth.)
  • Aura Blackquill:
    • Aura Plumenoire (litt. "Aura Blackquill")
    • Ariel Lapointe ("Ariel" - Reference to one of the moons of Uranus to keep with the space theme. "Lapointe" - Not really a reason, but she's Simon Blackquill's sister.)

Turnabout for Tomorrow

Turnabout for Tomorrow: Le Volte-face pour le Lendemain

  • The phantom:
    • Le fantôme (litt. "ghost" or "phantom".)

Turnabout Reclaimed

Turnabout Reclaimed: Le Volte-face Récupéré

  • Jack Shipley
    • Gilbert Beaupré ("Gilbert" - First name of the actor who voiced Jack Sparrow in the Quebec dub, and I didn't want an alliterative name with "Bruno", the first name of the actor who voiced Jack Sparrow in the France dub. "Beaupré" - The "pavillon de beaupré" is the French equivalent to a "Jack flag".)
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