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    So, about three months ago, I bought the Gyakuten Taizen 2001-2016 encyclopedia that came out last year to commemorate the series’ 15th anniversary (for anyone interested, “Taizen” is just another way of saying “encyclopedia” in Japanese).  Unfortunately, my scanner isn’t the best, so I won’t be able to upload any useable scans of the book.  I can try to get around this by taking some photos of the pages themselves, but that’s no guarantee.  It’s not that big of a deal, either way.  Most of the art in the book is the exact same as what’s already on the wiki anyway.

    I’m just going to go through and give a list of some of the things I noticed while flipping through the book.  It’s not a lot, but it is at least something.

    • We now have an officia…
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