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Please read the Ace Attorney Wiki:Manual of style to see the standard by which the articles should be written. You should especially be aware of the in-universe style in which articles about the Ace Attorney universe are written; this means that you should use past tense in your sentences and refer to all characters by their last names. This allows each article to read like an actual record one might find inside the Ace Attorney universe.

If you're not sure whether you can write "well" enough, be bold and write anyway. Editing articles is a great way to learn about how the wiki runs, and other contributors will probably come in to make little fixes anyway. We only ask that you be coherent in your edits so that appropriate action can easily be determined.

Please learn how templates work before attempting something major with them. If a word or a block of code is enclosed by double curly brackets ({{}}), it's calling a template. You should go to the template's page to see how it works so that when you edit code that uses the template, your edit will appear as you intended.

Making new articlesEdit

Here are a few things a new article should always include:

  • Categories. This is probably the most important thing to include. Categories allow people to find the new article more easily and to improve on it!
  • Appropriate templates. Character articles need to have Template:Character on them. Episode articles need to have Template:CaseData or Template:Investigation and Template:Episodes on them. Location articles need to have Template:Location on them. You can use the buttons above the new article editing box to input these automatically.

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