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"Venus" was a street vendor and a witness for Tobias Gregson's murder.

History Edit

"Venus" sells fireworks outside an apartment on Fresno Street, most of her customers were school children from the Priory Military Preparatory school. All the kids wanted to blow the school up, so "Venus" tattles on them to teachers and receives money from them as a reward. In spite of that, the kids still come to her to buy fireworks. She became friends with an information giver named "Sandwich" and a story seller named "Gossip".

Witness to Murder Edit

Main article: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow

Personality Edit

"Venus" can be a bit savage; her most notable trait is her enjoyment of fireworks. She says one hundred can blow locations to kingdom come.

Name Edit

  • Her name likely derives from Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.
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