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"Venus" was a street vendor and a witness for Tobias Gregson's murder.


"Venus" sells fireworks outside an apartment on Fresno Street, most of her customers were school children from the Priory Military Preparatory school. All the kids wanted to blow the school up, so "Venus" tattles on them to teachers, to force the children to have to buy more of her fireworks when theirs get confiscated. She became friends with an information giver named "Sandwich" and a story seller named "Gossip".

Witness to Murder[]

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One day, "Venus" sold fireworks to a man with red hair. She along with "Gossip" and "Sandwich", saw two men enter the apartment. After hearing a gunshot, "Venus" rushed up the stairs after "Gossip" and found the corpse of a detective and the other man from earlier, she thought the detective bought her fireworks. She moved a big bulletin board that fell to the other side of the door and found a broken pocket watch, then she ran to get a police officer. She tried to sell the watch to Jabez, the owner of a second-hand shop, but Jabez wouldn't buy it due to it being broken.

During the trial, Kazuma Asogi, Susato Mikotoba and the judge demanded that Ryunosuke Naruhodo buys some Venus special fireworks from "Venus" when she took the stand. When she said she was good at lying, "Sandwich" revealed a lying paradox. Then she admitted that she moved the bulletin board and gave the watch to Gina Lestrade to be be submitted as evidence. Presenting the fireworks he bought earlier, Naruhodo revealed that the gunshot the witnesses heard was actually a firework placed on a candle. The one who bought the fireworks was Seishiro Jigoku, who disguised himself as Tobias Gregson and froze his corpse, hoping to pin the crime on "Hugh Boone".


Behind her 'sweet exterior' "Venus" is noted as being a dangerous, and even borderline psychotic, schemer. She is sly, and slued woman, who runs "rackets" with school kids, who want to use her fireworks to blow up their school. She is noted as showing a lack of care to both her own safety when handling fireworks and firecrackers, and is gleeful about the prospect of her fireworks being used to blow things up. Venus is also a perpetual liar, to the point where almost everything she says is either fabricated or somehow inaccurate.


  • Her name likely derives from Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.


  • Venus bears more than a passing resemblance to Baby Bonnie Hood, a character from another Capcom series, Darkstalkers. Both characters are based off of Little Red Riding Hood, which serve as façades to mask their psychotic personalities. They are also highly obsessed with explosives, although Venus's aren't shown to be as destructive as B. B. Hood's.