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The victim's costume was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Colin Devorae.

Devorae's murder[]

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Devorae got the costume to disguise himself as part of a fake kidnapping of Lance Amano at the Gatewater Land theme park. He and Lance hid in the haunted house, where Edgeworth was going to deliver the ransom money from Lance's father Ernest. However, Devorae suddenly attacked Lance, who shot and killed him. Lance then hid the costume somewhere.

Later, Edgeworth found out about Devorae's costume after deducing that the victim had been one of the kidnappers and the fact that the footprints to the seeming victim had come from a Badger costume. He later used this fact to disprove Wendy Oldbag's testimony, as she would have been unable to identify the gender of the victim due to his costume. Later on, Ernest found the costume and gave it to Edgeworth to examine. It was later used to prove that the murder did not occur at the stadium, as the bullet hole proved that the bullet had been fired at point-blank range.

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