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The victim's staff was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Misty Fey. The staff was owned by Misty Fey while disguised as the children's storybook author "Elise Deauxnim" after she left Kurain Village in a self-imposed exile.

The top of the staff was curved in a shape reminiscent of a crescent, and contained an amethyst crystal sphere that sat loosely in it, although this was lost after "Deauxnim's" murder. In reality, the staff itself was a blade concealed in a wooden shell-like sheath. This hidden blade was eventually used against its owner while she was foiling an attempt on the life of her youngest daughter, Maya Fey.

Murder weapon[]

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Plots and counter-plots[]

Misty and Godot found out about Morgan Fey's plot to have Maya murdered by having Pearl Fey channel the wrathful spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne, and began a counter-plot. While making their plans, Godot found out about the hidden blade inside Misty's staff.

When Misty channeled Hawthorne to prevent Pearl from doing so, Godot stabbed her through the chest to save Maya's life. However, Hawthorne struck back with a dagger before perishing.

Secrets revealed[]

Two days after the murder occurred, Phoenix Wright met with Detective Dick Gumshoe in the courtyard of the Hazakura Temple. After speaking with the detective, Wright was given a metal detector to help look for clues. This soon bore fruit when the detector began beeping loudly over "Elise Deauxnim's" staff. While Gumshoe and Wright fought over the staff to determine who should inspect it further, the staff's sheath slid off to reveal its true purpose.