This article is about the piece of evidence in Farewell, My Turnabout. For other pieces of evidence with the same name, see Video Tape (disambiguation).

A video tape was a crucial piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Juan Corrida.

Found in Engarde Mansion's private lounge, the tape contains a recording of Shelly de Killer murdering Juan Corrida. Matt Engarde, de Killer's client, had deliberately recorded Corrida's murder with the intention to use the tape as a blackmailing tool against the hitman. de Killer was told to retrieve and protect the tape, although he was sternly told by Engarde to not watch it.

The tape was one of three items de Killer lost during his hurried escape from the police. Detective Dick Gumshoe recovered the items, and Franziska von Karma took them to Courtroom No. 3 in the nick of time, submitting them as the defense's final pieces of evidence in the trial for Corrida's murder.

Phoenix Wright revealed the contents and purpose of the tape to de Killer, telling the assassin that his client had intended to betray him all along. Furious, de Killer terminated his contract with Engarde, swearing to find and kill him for his treachery, and released his hostage, Maya Fey.

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