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This article is about the piece of evidence in Turnabout Ablaze. For other pieces of evidence with the same name, see Video Tape (disambiguation).

A video tape was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Cece Yew's murder[]

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In 2009, Manny Coachen murdered Cece Yew. However, he was caught entering Yew's apartment on video, and put on trial for the murder. Before it could be presented as evidence, the Amano Group sent agents to steal the tape. Coachen was subsequently acquitted for lack of evidence. The video was kept in Ernest Amano's possession, giving him insurance and a weapon should he ever try to take over.

In 2019, Jacques Portsman was ordered to retrieve the tape. He eventually got the chance after Oliver Deacon was murdered and Ernest's son Lance was arrested. Portsman took Ernest into custody for his role in trying to cover up Lance's crime, giving him a chance to get the tape. He then asked his partner, Detective Buddy Faith, to bring the tape to his office in Room 1203, along with two other pieces of evidence.

Det. Faith's murder[]

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The following night, while Faith was delivering the evidence as requested, he heard noise coming from the adjacent Room 1202, and caught Portsman searching the office. Portsman shot Faith with his own gun, staining the video tape with Faith's blood in the process. Edgeworth eventually found the tape on Portsman and used it as decisive evidence to prove his crime as only the fingerprints of him and Faith were on it.

Fall of the smuggling ring[]

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After Portsman's arrest, Tyrell Badd came into possession of the tape, and later gave it to Edgeworth.

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