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Viola Cadaverini's medical papers were a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Glen Elg.

After a car accident involving Furio Tigre and Viola Cadaverini, Viola's grandfather Bruto forced him to pay back the amount of the medial bill for her surgery, totaling $1 million, as well as a repair bill for Viola's car. About a year later, Elg owed Tigre $50,000 and was about to hand over a computer virus, MC Bomber, as collateral, but won a lottery at the last second. Tigre had been counting on obtaining the virus to sell on the black market and obtain the funds needed to pay his debts to Bruto. In order to take the virus by force, he poisoned Elg's drink, killing him, and framed Maggey Byrde for the murder.

Wright later took on the case, representing Byrde, and visited Tigre's loan company Tender Lender, where he found the repair bill inside a bookshelf. He eventually learned about the accident and convinced Viola that Tigre had paid her bills out of fear of her grandfather rather than out of love. In return, she gave Wright her medical papers as evidence. Furio Tigre attempted to force Wright to surrender the papers, but Detective Dick Gumshoe confronted him and returned the papers to Wright.

Tigre was eventually brought as a witness during Byrde's trial. Wright used the medical papers alongside the MC Bomber CD to explain Tigre's motive for the murder.

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