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Viola Hall
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Will Powers
Pearl Fey
Wendy Oldbag
Lotta Hart
Dick Gumshoe
Miles Edgeworth
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Phoenix Wright
This sure is one luxurious hotel. Almost to the point of gaudy, with how it blends together everything "fancy" imaginable.

The Viola Hall is a large room in the luxurious Gatewater Imperial Hotel used for dining and special events. One such event was the 2018 Hero of Heroes Grand Prix for television action heroes. However, the atmosphere was soon ruined when a murder occurred.

The room itself is large and extravagant, with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a stage on which events such as the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix can be held. Phoenix Wright felt that it was almost gaudy with its fanciness. A grand set of doors lead to the hotel lobby and, during the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, a number of large round tables were set out around the room piled with food for guests.

Murder of a ninja[]

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When the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix was held at the hotel, Will Powers, who formerly played the Steel Samurai on the television show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, managed to get a few tickets and invited Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and Pearl Fey as his guests in order to thank Wright for acquitting him of murder charges two years previously. After watching the Nickel Samurai, played by Matt Engarde in the titular show, win the Grand Prix, a bellboy approached Maya to tell her that there was a phone call for her. Shortly after she left, Wright was told that she had been kidnapped in order to blackmail Wright into defending Engarde on murder charges. Very soon, it was revealed that Juan Corrida, the actor who played the Jammin' Ninja and a rival of Engarde's, had been murdered. Thus, Wright was forced into trying to get an acquittal for Engarde.

Wendy Oldbag was later seen in the hall running around with a bug sweeper that Detective Dick Gumshoe had made, explaining that Miles Edgeworth had told her to do so.

Wright was eventually able to prove that Engarde had hired an assassin named Shelly de Killer to kill Corrida, proving also to de Killer that Engarde had filmed the murder as insurance. After proving this to de Killer, the assassin vowed vengeance, broke his contract and released Maya. Engarde quickly admitted his guilt in an attempt to escape the furious de Killer. Afterward, Wright, Maya, Pearl, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Powers, and Lotta Hart all gathered in the Viola Hall to have a huge feast using Wright's money.


The dining table in the foreground includes a whole lobster standing up in the center. The tail was removed in the localizations but was reverted in the HD remakes.