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Viridian Green
I am truly... so sorry. Of course I'd get stabbed in the back with a knife.

Viridian Green was the victim of an attempted murder in Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's second case during his time in London.

Revenge for a Deceased Lover[edit | edit source]

Viridian Green was a student at Thorndike Arts School studying to become an artist. She lives in a flat on Brixton Street. Prior to Sōseki Natsume moving into the Garridebs' complex, Viridian Green was engaged to the previous owner of that flat, a street photographer and fellow student named Duncan Ross. After a series of gas leaks began occurring in his flat, Green begged him to move out, Ross assured her that he will after one more night and everything will be fine. But he was wrong, Ross ended up dying due to gasoline asphyxiation while living there, leaving Green overcome with grief. She regretted herself for not trying to persuade him hard, she dropped out of the school and went by Briar Road many times.

One day, she saw Natsume come out of the complex and followed him to the borscht shop. He told her he complained to the owner about the flat being, that's what people believed it was. when he woke up the gas stove was turned off, the room was filled with gas, and he felt like he was being strangled. Initially, she thought Ross' death was an accident, but upon hearing this she realized that the gas "curse" was still happening and became suspicious of the other tenant, William Petenshy. She once heard that if you blew really hard into the gas pipe then all the flames would go out and there would indeed be a gas leak. So she formulated a plan to confirm her suspicions.

After purchasing a blue bottle of strychnine off the black market, she sent Petenshy a letter that said: "I have something to tell you about Duncan Ross' death. Bump to the pub, Pepper Pavilion, on Briar Road on the 17th at 5:00 pm. I have some very important information for you, please be as discreet as possible about this.", she asked him to meet her at a nearby pub to lure him out of his bedroom. Once he left, she picked his lock using a wire and some turpentine (Ross showed her that trick), and coated the lamp line used to kill Ross with the strychnine. That way if Petenshy tried the blowing in the pipe again he would only poison himself as punishment, if he was really innocent nothing would happen. But she was praying that the poison would take effect. She found a hiding place under the floor too, it contained a tin box with a key inside and a newspaper. Thinking the key was cute, she put it around her neck like a necklace.

Victim by chance[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Collapsed on Briar Road.

However, on her way out, a book entitled The Adventure of the Lion's Mane landed in front of her. Curious, she bent over to pick it up, but was then struck in the back by a knife thrown by landlady Joan Garrideb during a fight with her husband, John. Officer Patrick O'Malley found the body in his patrolling area and moved it across Briar Road so he could go his wedding anniversary with his wife. Because of this incident, she was placed in a coma for several days, not waking up until the case's end and therefore had been unable to meet Petenshy at the pub. She also couldn't be interviewed or be a witness to the trial when Sōseki Natsume got arrested for the assault.

Facing the truth[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

When Viridian Green meets Ryūnosuke Naruhodō. Susato Mikotoba and Sherlock Holmes, she immediately wonders if they were the ones who stabbed her. She reveals slight information about when she was walking on Briar Road which is ten stops away via the tube from the hospital. William Petenshy finally succumbed to the poison she placed after trying to scare Sōseki Natsume, but he survived.

Near her hospital discharge, Petenshy stumbled into her hospital ward by accident and commented on her painting, making her say he should've died. Afterwards without thinking, Green decided to kill herself with the strychnine but the group comes into the room. She lied saying she was getting ready to go home and the bottle contained her medicine. Green didn't really want to have a conversation and she faints when she sees the picture of Ross, knocking over the bottle. She reveals more about herself and Duncan Ross. Holmes in the corner brings Naruhodō and Susato's attention to the rat that drank the liquid from the bottle and died, Green suicide attempt was exposed, causing her to collapse. When she actually felt better, she said she secretly stole the label-less bottle from the doctor's cabinet. There's also the letter to Petenshy, she said she got in the mail the day before the incident. When everything she's knew told, Green prepared to leave but not before Susato begged her not to try and kill herself again. Green promised that she won't since this probably meant she still had a destiny.

The following day, Green was called to the Old Bailey as a suspect in the attempted murder of Petenshy. In the testimonies, Green was exposed as the sender of Petenshy’s letter, which she stole back while setting up her poison trap. When Naruhodō indicted her for trying to kill Petenshy, the painter was knocked off her stool with her art supplies coming down on her. As Ross’ murder was revealed to be the motivation for her crime, Green expressed her disappointment on how the people of London dismissed the death as part of a curse, and how they quickly forgot about it within a month. She then revealed how she got into Petenshy’s flat, and that she stole not only the letter she sent, but also the key kept in the tin box. That key would prove instrumental in defeating Petenshy, as Holmes revealed that he could use a sample from a key to look for the handprints of the deceased Selden and find the treasure in his old room. After Petenshy admitted his crimes, Green admitted hers, reasoning that what she did was to see if her enemy really was the killer of her fiancé. Before she was arrested for attempted murder, Green gave her thanks to Naruhodō for stopping her suicide, to which he responded that it was good that she was still alive and did not commit murder. She then smiled as the truth of the case had been brought to light thanks to Naruhodō.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Viridian Green has a very gloomy outlook on life, more than likely induced by the death of her fiancé, Duncan Ross. She is very apologetic for things that are not her fault, and is a bit of a nervous wreck. But over the course of the trial Green begins to feel better and more confident, even delivering an insult to William Petenshy in a way he would understand.

Name[edit | edit source]

  • "Viridian" comes from the color viridian, which is a shade of green, going with her last name, which is the general term for the color. Her full name also references the general color of her attire.

Development[edit | edit source]

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