Visitor's room
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People to meet At least one unnamed security guard
Maya Fey
April May
Will Powers
Miles Edgeworth
Lana Skye
Mike Meekins
Mia Fey
Max Galactica
Matt Engarde
Adrian Andrews
Ron DeLite
Maggey Byrde
Valant Gramarye
Wocky Kitaki
Wesley Stickler
Machi Tobaye
Vera Misham
Spark Brushel
Jeffrey Master
Raymond Shields
Simon Keyes
Damian Tenma
Juniper Woods
Aristotle Means
Solomon Starbuck
Bobby Fulbright
Ted Tonate
Athena Cykes
Simon Blackquill
Sasha Buckler
Trucy Wright
Datz Are'bal
Ellen Wyatt
Available evidence Various
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency
Grossberg Law Offices
Gatewater Hotel
Studio - main gate
Gourd Lake Entrance
Criminal Affairs Department
Underground parking lot
Kurain Village
Circus Entrance
Trés Bien
Dusky Bridge
Heavenly Hall (perspective change?)
Drew Studio
Various others (any accessible location in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice)
Phoenix Wright
Smile. You're on candid camera.

The visitor's room is a place for detainees of the detention center and prison to meet visitors. It contains a glass partition separating the prisoner's side from the visitor's side, and is monitored by a guard and a security camera. Visiting hours are typically from 9:00 to 16:00, but lawyers have been allowed to meet their clients until 19:00. Visitation is usually limited to a prisoner's defense attorney and closely-related individuals, with the prisoner's consent. However, public employees such as prosecutors, judges and detectives can visit any prisoner at will.

The rules for detainees while meeting with a visitor seem rather lax, despite the presence of a guard, as on multiple occasions, detainees and visitors have been allowed to freely exchange objects without intervention. Not even the drastic physical changes caused by a member of the Fey clan performing the Kurain Channeling Technique have drawn so much as a comment from the guard. When visiting his clients, Phoenix Wright often wonders if the guard in the room is bored, but has no way of telling since he seldom pays the defense attorney any attention. When Apollo Justice visits his clients, he often wonders whether the guard in the room is even breathing. However, unlike with Wright, the guard does actually talk to Justice on occasion.

Visits by defense attorneys[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Wright
This guard monitors the visitor's room. He hasn't moved an inch since I came in. A real pro.

Gregory Edgeworth's last visits to the visitor's room were to see Jeffrey Master during the investigation of the IS-7 Incident, which led directly to his death. Wright's first visit was to see Maya Fey when she was charged with the murder of her sister Mia. Justice's first visit was to see his second client, Wocky Kitaki. Athena Cykes's first visit was to see another of Justice's clients, Damian Tenma. She later visited her own first client, Juniper Woods and soon after, ended up being placed in there herself after being accused of killing Clay Terran.

Visits by prosecutors[edit | edit source]

When Maya Fey was accused of murder for the second time, Franziska von Karma set up hidden cameras in the detention center to take photographs of Maya channeling Mia. She went on the use these pictures to prove the veracity of the Kurain Channeling Technique in a courtroom trial. Godot visited the detention center to keep an eye on Morgan Fey after she was moved from Solitary Cell 13, whereby he learned of her second plot to kill Maya Fey.

Miles Edgeworth has been in the visitor's room several times on both sides of the glass. Notably, 15 years after his father Gregory's death, Miles was put on trial for the murder of Robert Hammond, and Wright would visit him there to represent him. In 2018, Miles observed Wright conversing with his client Matt Engarde. A year later, Miles met with Iris in the visitor's room when he briefly took over one of Wright's cases. Later on, he used the visitor's room on two occasions to talk to Simon Keyes and Jeffrey Master as a temporary assistant to their lawyer, Raymond Shields. Miles was later detained for helping Kay Faraday evade arrest, and Justine Courtney visited him to talk about his motives for protecting Faraday.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Mia Fey is the only protagonist in the Ace Attorney series to date to have never been in the visitor's room in-game while alive.

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