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She was about to bolt!
Athena Cykes
Hey! Put a sock in it, Widget!

Widget is the personal AI companion and portable computer worn around the neck of Athena Cykes that allows her to use the Mood Matrix to analyze the emotions of others. Closely tied to Cykes's own emotional state, Widget will change color and its expression according to how she is feeling at that time (e.g., green and smiling for happy or red and scowling for angry). Another by-product of this close relationship is Widget's occasional habit of saying Cykes's feelings aloud and often reflecting her thoughts (e.g. insulting people she doesn't like), usually to her dismay.

Widget's screen display.

When acting as a computer, Widget projects large holographic displays from its "face" that can be touched and manipulated as long as the user is wearing a special three-fingered glove with pads on the tips that can interface with the holograms. Beyond the Mood Matrix, Cykes also uses these displays for notes on evidence in the Court Record, researching information, and other day-to-day computing tasks.

Widget was created by Athena's mother Metis Cykes, and thus its "face" closely resembles that of her other robot creations: Ponco and Clonco. Widget was one of many objects that Phineas Filch stole during the course of the investigation into the murder of Rex Kyubi, although it was soon returned to its rightful owner.


  • "Monita", its Japanese name, may be a play on the English word "monitor", as the device projects a holographic screen.
  • A "widget" is a placeholder name for an unnamed, unspecified, or hypothetical manufactured good or product.


  • When Widget's screen is activated, the words "Hello, Kokone" are displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen, referring to Athena's Japanese name. In a localization oversight, this remains unchanged in the English version.
  • Widget changes colors and appearance to match Athena's mood. Greenish-blue and content for the default neutral emotion, green and happy for joy or excitement, red and scowling for anger, yellow and surprised for shock, dark blue and sad for fear or sorrow, and completely black when having an emotional breakdown. The colors of emotions match colors of Mood Matrix emotions.
  • Widget's different mood markers all make different sounds when lit up; "anger" makes an ugly low G ping, "joy" utters an open high E, "shock" yells a sharp high G, and "fear" creates a mixture of a regular C and a doubly-high E, both of them soft in volume. The different sounds put to the different emotions make sense, what with anger being a brash sound, shock being sharp, and so on.