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Winding Way
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People to meet Lotta Hart
Pearl Fey
Ini Miney
Available evidence Black Key
Sacred Urn
Cloth Scrap
Linked locations Side Room
Meditation Room
Locations in Fey Manor
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Phoenix Wright
(Wow. This garden is really breath-taking. Someone put a lot of love into it.)

The Winding Way is an area linking the Side Room and the Meditation Room in Fey Manor. It consists of a sheltered wooden walkway with a small garden beside it. The garden itself has a small lamp and traditional decorations.

The ashes of Ami Fey normally reside here in a blue urn. This is also the location where, in two of the times it has been broken, the pieces of the urn have been quietly and hastily repaired.

A small incinerator sits in the corner of the garden that Phoenix Wright noted to look out-of-place.

Children of the Fey family seem to have a liking for playing here; Mia, Maya and Pearl Fey have all played here as children. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in two of the times the Sacred Urn has been shattered.