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Wine cellar
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The Engarde Mansion wine cellar was used to house Maya Fey when she was held hostage by Shelly de Killer.


It is a standard, but poorly-lit, wine cellar. Boxes and crates can be found there, as well as wine bottles and barrels.

"Kidnapping for ransom..."Edit

After she was drugged at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel, Maya Fey woke up in the wine cellar, where she was greeted by her kidnapper: professional assassin Shelly de Killer. He explained Maya's situation, then called Phoenix Wright to speak of his conditions for her release.

Shortly afterwards, Maya wrote a note to her sister Mia, and channeled her so she could convey as much information as she could to Wright. Maya then noticed de Killer had dropped his calling card when exiting the room, and used it in an attempt to escape, going to the private lounge. She managed to grab a picture frame, but unfortunately, she was soon caught red-handed by de Killer and forced back into the cellar.

Some time afterwards, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Pearl Fey arrived in the wine cellar after deducing that Maya was being kept in Engarde Mansion. However, by the time they arrived, de Killer had already fled with his young hostage. They did, however, find an important clue: a picture of Celeste Inpax with the caption "With Love... Celeste" written on it. In the back of the frame was a message left by Maya to Wright, telling him not to worry about her and demanding Wright get a guilty verdict for Matt Engarde, otherwise she wouldn't forgive him.


  • This location is notable for being one of the settings for the short time in which the player can control Maya Fey.
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