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Winter Palace
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The Winter Palace is one of four rooms in Jeffrey Master's mansion connected to the fountain patio. From the entrance to the patio, it is the second room from the right. All four rooms contain a stream of water that leads to the fountain in the patio.

In 2000, during Master's confectionery design competition, it was assigned to Delicia Scones for building her entry for the finals. However, Isaac Dover, one of the other contestants, was murdered, and his entry, consisting of frozen sherbet sculptures of the signs of the zodiac, went missing. Master was arrested and convicted for the murder. Over 18 years later, Katherine Hall, Master's adopted daughter, opened the Zodiac Art Gallery inside the mansion, claiming to have replicas of Dover's sculptures. The Winter Palace was where the sculptures representing the signs of the winter months were displayed.

The false cream castle[]

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When Master's parents died, he inherited his father's company, the Master Group, as well as the "Angel's Recipe Book", containing procedures for experimental pharmaceutical drugs. When Master announced the highly sought-after book as the grand prize for his design competition, the Master Group sent one of their own, Delicia Scones, in an attempt to win it back. With the help of Hall, Scones built a cream castle. In reality, the castle was mostly made of inedible material, essentially a mannequin that was merely covered in cream. Moreover, she used inedible props such as glowing cloths and rock salt lamps, which were against the rules. Subsequently, her entry was disqualified; Master confiscated the lamps and cloths, and kept them in his room.

Some time later, an altercation occurred between Dane Gustavia and Dover in Master's room, in which they hit each other with the lamps, resulting in the latter's death. Thinking to frame Scones for the murder, Gustavia removed his own blood from one of the lamps by rubbing it on a lyre that was part of the sculpture of Gemini, leaving Dover's bloodstain on the other. He then hid the lamps and cloths inside Scones' castle, where the police would find them, though one of the cloths was placed over the body to help incriminate her further. However, Master was arrested instead due to Dover's body being discovered in his room.

Gustavia managed to move the body to Dover's room and hide it inside the sculpture of Gemini with the help of the cloth. He then assisted Prosecutor Manfred von Karma and Detective Tyrell Badd, who were placed in charge of the police investigation. Master's lawyer, Gregory Edgeworth, arrived soon after the investigation had started. While this was happening, Hall stole the sculptures by hiding them under a tablecloth and moving them with a baggage lift in such a way that the setup looked like a service cart. She even carried tea on top of the "service cart" and served it to Edgeworth and other investigators. She moved the sculptures to a freezer in the mansion, not knowing that the body was hidden within.

It was in Scones' room that Edgeworth and von Karma first met, with the latter addressing the former condescendingly before leaving to investigate Gustavia's room. Because Scones set the temperature controls in the room to room temperature, the cream castle began to melt, exposing it as a fake. Edgeworth found the murder weapon and decided to talk to von Karma, wondering why he had ruled out the most obvious suspect. Though Edgeworth eventually figured out that the body had been stolen, the police produced a forged autopsy report, causing the ensuing trial to last almost a year before Master was found guilty as an accomplice to the murder.

The plan to expose the truth[]

Eighteen years later, Hall bought the mansion from Master's family and returned to the freezer, where she finally discovered the body. She decided to convert the mansion into an art gallery featuring Dover's sculptures in order to lure in everyone still alive who had been involved in the so-called "IS-7 Incident", particularly the real killer. She made more sculptures to complete the zodiac concept, and then arranged the sculptures in each of the rooms connected to the fountain patio by season. The seasons were apparently arranged chronologically, but in fact the Winter and Autumn Palaces were switched. Hall disguised the Autumn Palace sculptures to make the room look like the Winter Palace, and booby-trapped the statue disguised as Gemini.

Gustavia fell for the trap but survived. An investigation of the Autumn Palace ensued, during which Hall used the same ruse as before to smuggle the real Winter Palace sculptures to the Summer Palace, where she dumped them into the stream there, dissolving them. Due to time constraints, Hall hid the body inside a hollow ice block instead of the glass casings that normally housed the sculptures. Because of this, the tablecloth appeared blue from the glowing cloth. The body and cloth made their way to the fountain and floated to the surface, finally exposing the truth that the police had never obtained the body. Because Larry Butz witnessed the "blue" tablecloth, Miles Edgeworth was able to figure out that Hall had done all this, and that she had wrapped the tablecloth around her waist, which would have traces of sherbet on it due to the ice block. Edgeworth then confronted Gustavia and was able to prove that he was the real killer behind the IS-7 Incident after traces of his blood were found in the liquid left over from the sculpture of Gemini, the same blood that he had removed from the rock salt lamp.