Wocky Kitaki's check-up report was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice's investigation into the murder of Pal Meraktis.

Meraktis' murder[edit | edit source]

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Due to the original report being torn up by Kitaki in a fit of rage, the report provided by Klavier Gavin during Kitaki's trial was actually a copy the prosecutor had to request.[1]

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Patient's Name
    Wocky Kitaki (Age: 19), Male
  • Report Filed
    June 14
  • Notes
    Metallic object found near heart. Urgent exam needed.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Alita: He was furious! He ripped up his report into shreds...
    Klavier: Incidentally, I had to request another copy to file as evidence.
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