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Wocky Kitaki
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Wocky Kitaki
A man fights to protect what's valuable to him, you know what I'm saying? [...] Man, when I'm with Alita... I feel like there's things worth protecting out there. You feel me?

Wocky Kitaki is the heir of the Kitakis, a family of feared gangsters. He was accused of killing Pal Meraktis, a doctor, and was engaged to Alita Tiala. Wocky disagrees with his father Winfred, who is trying to make "clean money". Wocky thinks the Kitaki family should keep with the "gangster" tradition.

The bullet[]

The shooting.

In December 2025, Wocky Kitaki was shot in a turf war with the Rivales family. The bullet was lodged next to his heart. He was taken to the Meraktis Clinic, where he met Alita Tiala, who was working as a nurse at the time. Some time after the operation to remove the bullet, Wocky and Tiala became engaged. After the shooting, the Kitakis began to move away from the gangster lifestyle to try and make an honest living. Wocky, however, refused to go along with what he considered a sell-out move.

The trial[]

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Winfred Kitaki
My apologies, Mr. Justice... He is usually such a nice boy.
Apollo Justice
(Forgive me if I have a hard time believing that.)

Half a year later, during a sudden family check-up report that his father had initiated, Wocky found out that his bullet had not, in fact, been removed. Indeed, the operation was nearly impossible, with few in the world capable of performing it successfully without causing further deadly complications. Meraktis had hidden this devastating fact from the Kitakis to protect himself.

Confronting Meraktis.

Furious, Wocky confronted Meraktis at People Park with a shiv. However, Meraktis was suddenly shot in the head, and Wocky fled the scene, dropping his shiv. He was later accused of the murder. Tiala found Apollo Justice to represent Wocky in court. Wocky tried to reject Justice as his lawyer, insisting that being in jail would "keep it real", and with Winfred arguing with Wocky about the gangster life, Justice was forced to go to trial without even having a good talk with his client. Wocky even testified against himself in court.

It would turn out during Justice's investigation of the crime that Alita Tiala was not who she seemed to be. Being Wocky's nurse, she had known about the bullet, and she had engaged herself with Wocky with intent to inherit the Kitaki fortune when he died. Tiala had been the one to kill Meraktis because he was going to reveal her involvement in covering up Wocky's condition. She had hired Justice in the hope that the rookie defense attorney would be unable to acquit the young man.

Thanks to Justice, Wocky was declared not guilty and Tiala was arrested. Although he was now free, he showed no gratitude towards his defense, and was instead angry at Justice for putting Tiala in jail. Winfred assured Justice that Wocky simply had to face what had happened to him and that he would eventually understand someday. Winfred revealed that he had found a doctor who could safely remove the bullet from Wocky, but had wanted to pay for the expensive operation with honest money since his illegal methods had almost cost him his son.

When the Kitakis set up a muffin business, Wocky pitched an idea to call the muffins "O.G. Crackers". He felt that "O.G. Cracker" would sound better than "O.G. Muffin".


Wocky Kitaki
Better to die young than fade away, bizzzoy!


Wocky Kitaki desires to live the tough-guy gangster lifestyle he believes that his family used to represent. However, his attempt at such a lifestyle is a naive caricature full of stereotypes like speaking in hip-hop slang (e.g., "that doc was wack, man!") and wearing a T-shirt of the villainous Bad Badger. Unable to appreciate the consequences of being a serious gangster, he was pleased at the thought of going to jail in order to get some "street cred", despite not having committed the crime for which he had been accused. His arrogant and brash attitude caused him to charge right into the middle of a turf war and was shot as a result. Confused by his father's subsequent decision to leave the gangster life, Wocky thought that he was weak. However, his mother believed that, even if given a gun and target, Wocky himself would not be able to pull the trigger. Winfred agreed with Plum, insisting that, deep down, Wocky has a good heart.


  • The surname "Kitaki" (北木) literally means "north tree", but the family is also visually linked to "kitsune", the Japanese word for fox and a common subject of Japanese folklore.
  • "Takita" (滝太) comes from the Japanese word "kita" meaning "north". His full Japanese name shares the repetition of Tiala's name in that it consists of "north" repeated three times when written in the Asian format of surname first. Another link to Tiala is that her surname, "Minami" (美波), means "south".
  • "Wocky Kitaki" may be a play on "walkie talkie". This could be a reference to phrase "walk the walk, talk the talk", which means that if someone says that they are going to do something, then they should go through with it.


  • Wocky Kitaki's hair is styled like a fox, with two "ears" coming out of the fringe (with parts dyed yellow to look like the inside of the "ears") and an orange quiff styled to look like a fox's tail. This, along with the surname Kitaki and the fox head designs on his jacket, is a reference to "kitsune", the Japanese word for fox and a common subject of Japanese folklore.
  • His relationship with Tiala is comparable to Phoenix Wright's relationship with Dahlia Hawthorne, to an extent.