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Workroom B is one of two workrooms in the prison. Access to these workrooms is heavily regulated through the use of door sensors that interact with bracelets that the inmates must wear. Unauthorized passage through a door sensor causes the bracelet to send an electric shock through its wearer. The workrooms must be reserved before use so that a guard can let a prisoner through. The pets used in the prison's animal therapy program can freely pass through these doors using tags that make the doors open for them.

Frank Sahwit: animal groomer[]

One of the uses of Workroom B in particular is for practicing animal grooming, with Frank Sahwit being the main inmate to use said workroom for that purpose. Despite Sahwit's effort to appear dedicated to the job, he was really only doing it to help get his sentence reduced. When Sahwit broke his bracelet one day, Patricia Roland, the prison warden, got him to cut the power temporarily each week in exchange for keeping the broken bracelet a secret. Thus, he kept up the appearance of a model prisoner while being far from one in reality.

In March 2019, Sahwit got himself in a complicated situation when Rocky, a polar bear cub to whom he was applying a mudpack, ran away. Sahwit chased after the cub, and in the process he peered into the adjacent Workroom A. To his shock, he saw Anubis, the pet dog of the assassin Sirhan Dogen, biting into the neck of a deceased Horace Knightley. After Anubis left, Sahwit sneaked into Workroom A to look for valuables to steal from the corpse, but before he could nab anything, a prison roll-call was announced and he had to leave. Afterward, he returned to Workroom B and let out a scream as if he had just discovered the body. Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth later called him out of Workroom B to question him about the incident. Edgeworth eventually figured out all of Sahwit's deceits and used this information to help expose Roland's shady activities, including Knightley's murder. Sahwit's sentence was extended due to his role in helping Roland, and he promptly quit his animal grooming job.