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The Yatagarasu's badge is a treasured possession of Kay Faraday, which she wears at all times to show off her identity as the great thief Yatagarasu. It was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Jill Crane, during the course of which Edgeworth resigned. He continued to carry the badge during his subsequent investigation into the murder of Di-Jun Huang's body double.

Lost identity[edit | edit source]

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On April 4, Simon Keyes called Faraday out to Gourd Lake. This was because he had instigated Crane's murder at the Grand Tower and wanted to ensure that Edgeworth investigated the case. To do so, he kidnapped Faraday at Gourd Lake and used his circus balloon to bring her to Grand Tower. On the way, he planted a bug in the badge.

Upon arriving at Grand Tower, he received an unexpected surprise: Huang's body double and Justine Courtney were meeting on the rooftop. However, the body double noticed him and fired a gun at him. Hastily, Keyes turned off the bug and crushed the body double with the balloon. He then dropped off Faraday and took the body double's body to the warehouse, leaving her to stumble around on the roof, where she saw Crane clamber out of the hatch to the 51st floor and collapse. Surprised, she stumbled back and fell down the hatch, knocking her out, giving her amnesia, and causing Lotta Hart to faint.

Shortly afterwards, Karin Jenson, who was searching for Crane to help Blaise Debeste avoid being arrested, found Faraday. Seeing that she had Edgeworth's business card, she brought her to Edgeworth. During this visit, Edgeworth was given the badge among other things by Jenson. He held onto the badge and attempted to use it to remind Faraday of her real identity. Following his resignation, Edgeworth kept the badge in place of his own prosecutor's badge, though he returned it to Faraday once he was reinstated. He also removed the bug.

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