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Yujin Mikotoba was a forensic pathology professor at Imperial Yumei University, Susato Mikotoba's father, and Kazuma Asogi's mentor. Shortly before Ryunosuke Naruhodo's trial for the murder of John Wilson, he instructed Naruhodo to take over the defense from Asogi so not to jeopardize the latter's study abroad. A year later, he assisted his daughter Susato (then disguised as "Ryutaro Naruhodo") to defend her childhood best friend Rei Membami.

Children in Need[]

Main article: Professor Killings

The chest containing records of all his adventures with Sholmes.

Sometime after the death of his wife, Mikotoba left his daughter, Susato, in the care of her grandmother and traveled to England with Genshin Asogi and Seishiro Jigoku to study abroad. Whilst there, he worked at the St. Synner's Hospital alongside John Wilson and his assistant Courtney Stevens. He also shared a flat with London's soon-to-be legendary detective, Herlock Sholmes, eventually becoming his investigative partner. He wrote down all the adventures they had together and locked them in a chest in Sholmes' flat.

When the secret trial for the Professor was held, Mikotoba took part in the autopsy of Klint van Zieks as first assistant and was responsible for writing the autopsy report. Though Mikotoba had qualms about the findings of the autopsy, he wrote down John Wilson's findings dutifully - such as the discovery of Genshin Asogi's ring in the stomach of Klint van Zieks by Wilson. The findings in this autopsy were later used to convict Genshin Asogi as the Professor.

Mikotoba was shocked to find that his friend was the notorious serial killer: he believed that it went completely against Asogi's character, and that Asogi was incapable of such heinous crimes. He tried to advocate for Asogi's innocence alongside their fellow student Jigoku, but this proved to be unsuccessful. Asogi refused to deny the charges and would not allow Mikotoba or Jigoku to petition the government. Furthermore, the evidence uncovered during Klint van Zieks' autopsy as well as the witness testimony of those proved incredibly damning.

The day before Asogi was due to be executed, Mikotoba visited his friend one last time. Asogi asked his friend for one final favour, giving him instructions to follow: Mikotoba was to head to head to a specific address, where a noblewoman was in hiding, and help her give birth. He was to also keep his actions secret, and tell nobody about what he did. Mikotoba acquiesced, and arrived at the address - a home in a secluded area, guarded by an old hunting hound. Inside he found a noblewoman, greatly weakened and in labour. He helped the noblewoman give birth to a baby girl, but tragically was unable to save the noblewoman from dying due to complications. After weeping over the fate of the noblewoman, Mikotoba briefly looked upon the room, and noticed that the noblewoman possessed an exquisitely crafted trunk embroidered with a certain crest - the crest of the Baskerville family. Mikotoba realized that the baby he had helped to deliver was the child of Klint van Zieks, and the woman who had died was his wife, Lady Baskerville.

One month after Asogi's execution, Mikotoba was summoned back to Japan. Because he had promised to keep the parentage of van Zieks' child secret, he was unable to bring her with him to Japan: he would not be able to obtain permission to bring her to Japan unless he disclosed her parentage. At a loss as to how to handle the care of the child Asogi had entrusted him with, Mikotoba was forced to rely on his great friend Herlock Sholmes. He left the baby in his care, and asked Sholmes to be a father to her. Before he left, he named the child after his deceased wife Ayame - whose name translated into English as Iris.

Upon his return to Japan, Mikotoba chose to conceal Genshin Asogi's true fate from his family: instead, he told Kazuma Asogi and Genshin Asogi's wife that their beloved father and husband had perished due to illness. The stress and grief over losing her husband caused Genshin Asogi's wife to perish soon after Mikotoba's return, rendering Kazuma Asogi an orphan. Out of obligation to his deceased friend, Mikotoba took in Kazuma, raising him as his adoptive son alongside Susato. He encouraged both to choose their own paths, especially Susato. Over the years, both chose their vocations: Kazuma decided that he wanted to be a lawyer, and Susato decided that she wanted to be a judicial assistant and help Kazuma. Mikotoba helped both, and managed to help arrange a study abroad for the two in Great Britain.

At some point in time Herlock Sholmes sent Mikotoba Iris' transcript of the Hound of Baskerville, labelled in a box. Susato Mikotoba caught a sight of this box before the elder Mikotoba scolded her, and asked her to forget that she had ever seen the box.

Naruhodo's First Trial[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

Mikotoba first appeared with his daughter Susato when Kazuma was getting ready to defend his best friend, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, for the murder of John Wilson before his own study abroad. He told Kazuma to go to the judge's chambers with Susato. In the defendant's antechamber alone with Naruhodo, Mikotoba informed him of the consequences of Kazuma losing the trial: Kazuma would be unable to go on his study abroad, and would have the opportunity revoked forever. To prevent this from happening, Mikotoba counselled Naruhodo: he advised that Naruhodo answer the first question posed by the judge to the defense, before anyone else could. It would later be revealed that the question Mikotoba was referring to, was the question of who would be representing the defendant. Naruhodo heeded Mikotoba's advice and answered the question before Kazuma could, taking over as his own attorney and instead having Kazuma be his counsel.

During the recess of the trial, Mikotoba complimented the efforts of Kazuma and Naruhodo in court in revealing that there was a person dining with John Wilson. He then revealed to the pair that he had always planned for Naruhodo to be his own attorney. Mikotoba manipulated Naruhodo into taking on the case so that Kazuma couldn't possibly lose his chance to study abroad. Kazuma responded that this effort was in vain: even if he wasn't Naruhodo's lawyer, if his best friend lost the trial, he would voluntarily give up his study abroad. He argued that if he couldn't help avert the greatest crisis in his best friend's life, then it would be pointless for him to study law abroad. Before the recess ended, Mikotoba cheered the pair on, and also asked Susato to retrieve something at Yumei University for him, which he believed would be necessary for the trial.

The item Susato retrieved for the defense proved to be pivotal in revealing the true killer: on the instructions of her father, Susato brought the research report of Jezaille Brett - which was penned by the British woman who had been dining with John Wilson before his death. Her research report revealed that she had been studying curare, a paralytic poison used by South American tribes to hunt. It noted that curare had a special characteristic: it was harmless when ingested orally, and was only harmful if it entered the bloodstream. This report, along with other pieces of evidence, was used by Naruhodo to prove that it was Jezaille Brett that killed Wilson, as she was the only one who could have administered the poison and was the only one who was aware of the open wound in Wilson's mouth.

After the trial, Mikotoba congratulated Naruhodo on his victory, and thanked him. Mikotoba revealed that Wilson was a good friend of his. They had met when Mikotoba was studying forensic medicine abroad in Great Britain, where he worked at the same hospital with Wilson. Soon after this revelation, Kazuma asked Mikotoba what would happen to Jezaille Brett for murdering John Wilson. Detective Satoru Hosonaga and Mikotoba morosely informed him that Brett could never be tried in Japan due to the consular jurisdiction: the British government demanded that custody of Brett be transfered to them so that she could be charged in a British consul court, of which the nearest was in Shanghai. After delivering the grim news, Mikotoba comforted the pair by expressing that he had no doubt that Brett would eventually pay for her crimes, and rejoiced that it was time to have a celebratory drink for Naruhodo's acquittal.

Calling back Susato[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Nine months after John Wilson's death, Mikotoba received a letter from Sholmes about the "Case of the Haunted Lodging", describing how at the end of the case the bloodied dog collar worn by Klint van Zieks' bloodhound Balmung was found in a thief's stash. Mikotoba also read the reports penned by returning student Soseki Natsume of his times in Great Britain, which also covered the case. This prompted Mikotoba to visit Natsume and directly speak to him about what he had seen. Remembering that Susato saw the box containing the manuscript of the Hound of Baskerville, Iris' unpublished novel which almost completely described the truth behind the Professor Killings, Mikotoba grew worried that his daughter would uncover the truth before it was ready to come out. In order to postpone the discovery of the truth, Mikotoba sent a telegram to Susato, which claimed that he had suddenly fallen ill with a grave illness and needed Susato to immediately return to Japan.

Assisting Susato[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

In the newspaper with Soseki Natsume

The day of Jezaille Brett's murder, Mikotoba was visited in his lab by Soseki Natsume, who was invited to Yumei University to give a lecture. Natsume was being accompanied by Raiten Menimemo, a reporter for the Shoyu News. Menimemo snapped a picture of the two and wrote an article about them. During the visit, Brett revealed that Mikotoba was researching a highly lethal poison. Out of politeness, Mikotoba showed Natsume and Menimemo the poison, believing that it would be safe to do so. All visitors were searched before they could leave the lab, and if either attempted to steal a sample of the poison, then it was highly likely that they would be caught. Unbeknownst to Mikotoba, Menimemo successfully stole a sample of the poison by hiding it in the inkwell of his fountain pen.

Later that day, Menimemo used the poison to murder Jezaille Brett, by slipping it into her drink. However, soon after the poisoning happened, Menimemo fell into a panic: he realized that because the poison left incredibly obvious signs on a victim's body — extremely constricted pupils — then it would be easily deduced that Brett had died to the poison, and thus easy to track down who was responsible for her murder. To obfuscate the true cause of death Menimemo stabbed Brett, and also framed Rei Membami for the crime of Brett's murder.

Because of the gravity of the accusations against Rei Membami, no attorney would take on her case. Susato, Membami's childhood best friend, realized the grimness of the situation: without an attorney, Membami would be found guilty for the murder. Susato decided that the only way Membami could possibly gain an attorney was if Susato herself took up the mantle of attorney for her childhood friend. However, Susato was legally unable to do so: although Susato was an accomplished and experienced judicial assistant, Japan's laws forbade women from working as attorneys. This proved to be only a temporary setback, as her father Mikotoba helped her hatch a plan: they would disguise Susato as a male lawyer hailing from the countryside. Susato chose to call herself "Ryutaro Naruhodo", cousin of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, in this disguise. Mikotoba also helped smooth over this plan by secretly informing the judge overseeing the case, Seishiro Jigoku, that "Ryutaro Naruhodo" was actually Susato. After the plans to disguise Susato were completed, Mikotoba acted as his daughter's counsel. He helped Susato successfully prove that Membami was innocent, and that the true culprit behind Jezaille Brett's murder was Raiten Menimemo.

After the trial, Susato removed her disguise, shocking Satoru Hosonaga and Soseki Natsume. After the initial shock that Susato had been disguising herself as a man, Hosonaga remarked that with the death of Brett, the truth behind the death of John Wilson would never be known. Susato used Hosonaga's remark to divulge a hypothesis of hers: that John Wilson was the investigative partner of Herlock Sholmes, who she had met during her time in Great Britain. Mikotoba knew the answer to Susato's hypothesis, but informed her that due to his bureaucratic position, there were some things that he was unable to divulge. Susato accepted that her father was unable to divulge sensitive information, but implored him to answer a single question: why he summoned her back to Japan under the false pretense of illness. Mikotoba tried to explain that he could not answer her question, but was interrupted midway by Raiten Menimemo, who accused Mikotoba of having a hand in the fate of Kazuma Asogi's disappearance aboard the SS Burya.

Return to England[]

Main articles: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow & The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke
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As an important figure in forensic science in Japan, Mikotoba was invited by Mael Stronghart to attend the Forensic Science Symposium in London. Mikotoba used this invitation to allow Susato to return to London, giving her permission to go to London earlier than himself. While she and Naruhodo were defending Albert Harebrayne, Mikotoba was on the way over with Seishiro Jigoku, who had also been invited to the Forensic Science Symposium. They both arrived in London safely, and stayed at the Waterloo Hotel. At the Waterloo Hotel, they met with Naruhodo and Susato and talked about Genshin and Kazuma Asogi. To both Mikotoba and Jigoku’s shock, they learned that Kazuma was not dead, but was still alive as the apprentice of prosecutor Barok van Zieks. After their eventful conversation, Mikotoba decided that the fact all four of them were in Great Britain was something to be commemorated. Mikotoba paid a nearby porter to take a picture of them, giving a copy of the photo to Naruhodo. Jigoku and Mikotoba returned to their rooms to settle in, while Naruhodo and Susato departed from the hotel. Some time later, Naruhodo and Susato returned to the hotel in search of Mikotoba, finding him in the lobby. They asked him for a favour: while they were investigating the disappearance of Daley Vigil, they came across an obstacle in the form of Barry Caidin, the governor of the prison that Vigil supposedly worked at. Caidin refused to speak to them, after they mentioned the Professor case. Mikotoba, who was already acquainted with Caidin, wrote Naruhodo and Susato a letter of introduction so they could talk to Barry Caidin.

The next day, Naruhodo and Susato took up the defense of Barok van Zieks for the murder of inspector Tobias Gregson. After the first day of the trial, Mikotoba was approached again by the pair but with Iris this time, much to the professor’s surprise. While Susato distracted Iris, Naruhodo mentioned to Mikotoba that the girl was the daughter of Dr. Wilson, but Mikotoba stated that he did not remember his friend mentioning that he had a child. Naruhodo then relayed a chilling fact to Mikotoba: that the real name of John Wilson's killer, Jezaille Brett, was Asa Shinn. Before leaving to send a telegram about Shinn to Japan, Mikotoba fully stated a request he had for Naruhodo, which he had previously been interrupted in saying: Mikotoba wanted Naruhodo to return home and practice law in Japan. He explained that Japan’s judicial system was heavily flawed and was in dire need of defense lawyers. After reading the reports sent to him by Susato, Mikotoba firmly believed that Naruhodo’s talent as a lawyer would likely change Japan for the better. However, Mikotoba recognized that his request was not something to be taken lightly, and advised Naruhodo to take his time and consider it in full. He concluded his request by saying that it was ultimately Naruhodo's choice to stay or return, and that he would not judge him for his choice. Mikotoba also gave time for Susato to figure out her plans, as she had originally traveled to London as Kazuma's assistant, but had been operating as Naruhodo's assistant instead.

Mikotoba then traveled to Sholmes' suite to pay a visit to his old friend. Catastrophe struck when he tried to open the chest with all of the case files that he wrote: the chest contained a trap, which knocked him unconscious and covered him in the items on top of the chest. After Sholmes and Naruhodo figured out Iris’ secrets with a Dance of deduction, Mikotoba was brought upstairs to recover in Naruhodo's lodgings. Iris confessed that she had stolen Klint van Zieks’ autopsy report from coroner Maria Gorey and explained why she was compelled to steal it: because it had Dr. Wilson’s signature. She compared the handwriting in the report to those in the case files inside the chest, and found that they were a match. With this, Iris came to the conclusion that Wilson, the man she believed to be her father, was Sholmes’ partner. However, after Iris left, Susato examined the handwriting of the notes inside the chest and discovered that the writing matched her father's. Mikotoba then appeared, having fully recovered, and was introduced by Sholmes as his old partner. The professor then explained to Naruhodo and Susato his shared history with the detective, how they solved cases together, and he would jot them down in the case files. Mikotoba was then placed at odds with Susato. Given the revelation that the notes in the chest belonged to Iris' father, that the notes were penned by Mikotoba, and that Iris' age matched with the time window Mikotoba was in Great Britain — Susato reasoned that, by extension, Iris must be her half sister. Mikotoba was about to explain himself, but was interrupted by Sholmes, who dragged him away in order to solve a new case. Mikotoba was irritated that he could not catch up with his old friend or answer his daughter's question, but was encouraged by Susato to go, who told him that she would wait for his return to explain Iris' parentage. With his daughter’s blessing, Yujin accompanied Sholmes on his new case.

At Scotland Yard, the duo examined Gregson’s journal and found the name “Grouse”. Remembering his ticket, Mikotoba realized that “Grouse” was referring to the steamship that he took to reach London, prompting him and Sholmes to quickly board it before it left Dover. When it arrived at Dunkirk, they were contacted by Naruhodo and Susato with Iris’ good luck charm, and learned that they only had a thirty minute recess to find Jigoku or else van Zieks’ trial would end. They managed to find Jigoku hiding inside his own trunk, much to Mikotoba’s disbelief. They also found a bullet hole in the wall of Jigoku's room as well as a fragment of Gregson's watch, which proved that it was possible that Gregson had been murdered aboard the SS Grouse. When his friend would not listen to Sholmes, Yujin used a subpoena issued by Kazuma to compel his friend to return to London.

After successfully finding Jigoku, Mikotoba and Sholmes returned to Sholmes’ flat to enjoy a feast prepared by Iris, who prepared the feast as an apology for knocking Mikotoba unconscious and lying to everyone. During the feast, Sholmes made a shocking reveal: that the top secret government telegram that had been intercepted by Ashley Graydon, which listed the names of four people, was sent to Seishiro Jigoku. Furthermore, he outlined the significance of the four names: they were the names of two people to be assassinated, and two assassins. The telegram was to facilitate an assassin exchange, in which an assassin from Great Britain (Asa Shinn) would be sent to Japan to kill John Wilson, while an assassin from Japan (Kazuma Asogi) would be sent to Great Britain to kill Tobias Gregson. Sholmes then revealed an even greater truth: he had always known the significant of the telegram, as he himself was guilty of regularly intercepting secret government telegrams, and his presence on the SS Burya during Kazuma's voyage was to prevent him from reaching Great Britain.

The next day, it was discovered at the trial of Barok van Zieks that Jigoku was Gregson’s true killer. He was forced to kill Gregson with his own hands to complete the assassination exchange, as Kazuma failed to abide by his orders. Barok van Zieks was absolved of the crime of killing Gregson, but his trial was forced to continue after Kazuma accused him of a greater crime: being the mastermind behind the deaths of criminals acquitted during trials van Zieks had prosecuted, the Reaper of the Bailey. During this trial extension, Naruhodo discovered that it was actually Mael Stronghart who had masterminded all the deaths, including the assassin exchange that took the lives of John Wilson and Tobias Gregson. When the Chief Justice tried to quickly end the trial, Sholmes appeared and rallied the audience to demand for the trial to continue about the Reaper and the Professor killings. Mikotoba, who was waiting in the antechamber, was then summoned to testify about Klint van Zieks’ autopsy with Dr. Maria Gorey beside him. Naruhodo used his testimony to point out a large inconsistency in Klint van Zieks' autopsy: the lack of internal trauma from swallowing Genshin Asogi's ring, despite the ring having edges sharp enough to cut. Mikotoba later returned to the stand to translate the last page of Genshin Asogi’s will after it was submitted by Barry Caidin. The last page of the will was vital, as it contained a secret message from Genshin Asogi that he had hidden Klint van Zieks' last will and testament inside the hilt of the Asogi clan's katana, Karuma. In the will, Klint van Zieks confessed to being the Professor, and also implicated Stronghart in his crimes: he had been forced to kill under the moniker of the Professor by Stronghart, who blackmailed him by threatening to leak his secret identity to his beloved wife and brother.

No longer able to hide the truth, Stronghart admitted to his crimes — telling the court that he had also been responsible for convincing Jigoku to kill Genshin Asogi at Lowgate Cemetery, having had to murder Genshin Asogi due to Enoch Drebber witnessing the ordeal. Mikotoba was shocked to find out that Genshin Asogi was truly innocent, and saddened to discover that his friend also been the victim of a gruesome betrayal. In spite of his horrific confession, Stronghart remained confident that he would see no retribution for his crimes, as he believed that he couldn't be convicted for them on account of not directly perpetrating the murders he was involved in. To everyone’s surprise, Sholmes had a trump card: using a hologram device of his and Iris' creation, he had secretly broadcasted the entirety of the closed trial's proceedings to Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria used her power to strip Stronghart of all of his power, and convicted him for his crimes.

After van Zieks’ acquittal, Mikotoba finally revealed the truth of Iris’ birth, as he promised to Susato. Simultaneously, he answered Kazuma's question of what the second of Klint van Zieks' final wishes was. Mikotoba revealed that Klint van Zieks' final wish was indirectly passed to him by Genshin Asogi. Genshin Asogi had instructed Mikotoba to aid in the birth of Klint van Zieks' wife, Lady Baskerville. The child born was Iris, who was adopted by Sholmes, in order to give her a safe upbringing distanced from the notoriety of her biological father.

In celebration of van Zieks' acquittal, Mikotoba joined Naruhodo, Susato, Sholmes, Iris and Gina Lestrade at the detective’s suite for a celebratory feast. There he aided Sholmes in convincing Lestrade, who was considering leaving the police force due to Gregson's death, to instead stay with the police force in honor of Gregson's spirit. Sholmes presented Lestrade with Gregson's pocket watch, and told her that it would be a shame if the pocket watch that had been dutifully winded for ten years were to never be wound again. Later that night, Mikotoba revealed to Naruhodo the truth as to why he called Susato back to Japan: he feared that the dog collar with the Baskerville insignia would prompt Naruhodo and Susato to investigate. With enough time, their investigations would eventually yield the connection between the collar and Klint van Zieks. Knowing that Iris was highly astute and would be exposed to their investigations, Mikotoba was concerned that Iris would learn the truth of her real father, and would be unable to handle it. However, after all of the revelations in the trial, Mikotoba became confident that eventually Iris would be strong enough, and could be told the truth in the future. After his confession, Mikotoba received a confession himself from Naruhodo: having given Mikotoba's request great thought, Naruhodo decided that it would be best for him to return to Japan and start a career there as a defense attorney. Mikotoba warmly supported the young lawyer's decision, making preparations for him and Naruhodo to return to Japan.

A few days later, Mikotoba and Naruhodo made their farewells to Sholmes, Iris, Kazuma and Susato at Dover as they prepared to return to Japan. To Naruhodo's surprise, Susato requested that she be allowed to accompany him back to Japan and continue to be his judicial assistant. She then informed him that she had received Kazuma's blessing to go back to Japan days ago, having asked Kazuma immediately after van Zieks' acquittal. Susato returned to Japan with Naruhodo and her father.

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  • His given name "Yūjin" (悠仁) is homonymous with the term "友人" (ゆうじん), meaning "friend", referencing his friendship with Wilson, Sholmes, Jigoku, and Asogi.
  • His family name "Mikotoba" (御琴羽) is homonymous with the expression "御言葉" (みことば), which can either mean "word of God" or "to take someone at their word".


  • At age 43, Mikotoba is the oldest viewpoint character in the series to date.