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Yūjin Mikotoba
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Yūjin Mikotoba was a legal professor at Teito Yūmei University and the father of Susato Mikotoba. In addition to acting as a mentor to Kazuma Asōgi, Yūjin was also the one who invited John Watson to teach in Japan. He is also Sherlock Holmes' investigative partner.

A child in need

Main article: Professor Killings

The chest containing all his adventures

Sometime after his wife Ayame's death, Yūjin traveled to England with Genshin Asōgi and Seishirou Jigoku to study abroad leaving his daughter, Susato, in the care of her grandmother. While there he became friends with John Watson and his partner Courtney Sithe when he worked with them at St. Entre-Deux Hospital. He even became the partner of London's soon-to-be legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. He wrote down all the adventures they had together and locked them in a chest in Holmes' flat.

Suddenly, Genshin was arrested for being a serial killer known as the Professor, a secret trial was held for the fear of war. Yūjin and Courtney were distracted with the repairing lancet during Klimt van Zieks' autopsy when Watson claimed to have found Genshin's ring. Yūjin noticed the claws on it and said Klimt should've had internal wounds, Watson told him that as a far more experienced doctor he can think of many cases where there weren't any internal wounds. He tells him to write that Klimt swallowed Genshin's ring when the latter killed him in the autopsy, as the first attending employee Yūjin worked on the report completely, when it was done John H. Watson signed off on it. Although there was another point of fact that bothered Yūjin: Klimt was killed by a stab wound to the heart instead of his throat being torn apart by a hound.

Klimt's Autopsy Report
Surgeon: John H. Watson
*Klimt van Zieks (33)
Estimated Time of Death
*May 31st
*Around 9 o'clock to midnight
Investigator Observations
*Cause of death is a single pierce to the heart with a sword, likely some sort of duel place as there are several shallow injuries on the body.
*Scarlet ink stain was found on the right pinky and ring finger, but there were no documents found on his desk.
Autopsy Findings
*An extremely important foreign object was discovered in the victim's stomach during the autopsy. This is the clue that detective Gregson, who insisted on having the autopsy performed, was talking about.
*Additionally, there was not a single other wound anywhere inside the body. We can conclude that there's nothing out of the ordinary.
John H. Watson

After Genshin was found guilty, he told Yūjin to visit a certain address. He took a train to Dartmoor, the home address was a mansion on the moor. He witnessed Balmung the dog used by the Professor, dying in the garden. Inside, Yūjin found a woman in critical condition about to give birth. He helped deliver a baby girl, but the mother died shortly after. Seeing a chest with a certain "B" crest on it in the corner of the room, Yūjin realized something dreadful. The newborn girl he was holding was the child of Klimt van Zieks and a woman of the Baskervilles. As he had to return to Japan, he left the baby in the care of Sherlock Holmes. Yūjin named the girl Iris after his deceased wife, Ayame, before he left for Japan with Seishirou Jigoku. When he came back he told Genshin's son, Kazuma, that his father died of an illness and took him in.

Naruhodō's first trial

Main article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

Yūjin first appeared with his daughter Susato when Kazuma was getting ready to defend his best friend, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, for the murder of John Watson before his own study abroad. He told Kazuma to go to the judge's chambers with Susato before revealing to Naruhodō that he won't go on his trip if he lost the trial. Yūjin told him to say "I am" when judge Jigoku asked a question.

That question was "Who is standing for the defendant?" So Naruhodō defended himself in court. During the recess, Kazuma was mad a Yūjin thinking he didn't have what it took. Yūjin reveals that he was the one who invited Watson overseas to become a professor. Eventually, Watson's killer was revealed to be a British woman named Jezail Brett. When her crimes were revealed, Yūjin announces with Satoru Hosonaga that Brett could never be tried in Japan due to the consular court of Great Britain. So she would soon be sent to Shanghai, the group then went off to celebrate.

Yūjin caught Susato looking at the box containing the manuscript for the Professor Killings while she was cleaning before accompanying Asōgi. He told her never to tell anyone about what she saw.

Calling Susato back

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

About nine months after John Watson's death, Yūjin received a letter from Holmes about the "Case of the Haunted Lodging", it contained the dog collar Klimt's dog wore during the Professor Killings. Remembering that Susato saw the box containing the manuscript, he was worried that her daughter might soon reveal that Iris' father was a serial killer and didn't think she could handle it. So he sent a telegraph to Susato saying he had an illness and she needed to come back. He also appeared on the steamship Sōseki Natsume was one when he was returning to Japan asked him about the incident.

Assisting Susato

Main article: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

In the newspaper with Sōseki Natsume

Yūjin then spoke to Natsume during a lecture at Teito Yuumei University, the author was accompanied by Heita Mamemomi, a reporter for the Taikoku News. Then he went off for some work to do. Meanwhile, Jezail Brett, we one day left before she would leave for Shanghai, was killed in a bathhouse. The suspect was one of the late Dr. Watson's students and Susato's best friend, Haori Murasame.

As women in Japan were not allowed to be attorneys, Susato decided to disguise herself as "Ryūtarō Naruhodō", cousin of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, to defend Murasame. Yūjin was impressed at his daughter's disguise but feared that her nervousness will give herself away. Before the trial, he informed Jigoku of the situation so that things could go more smoothly for Susato. He then acted as his daughter's counsel while she defended Murasame and indicted Mamemomi as the real killer.

After the trial, Yūjin was approached by Susato as to why she was allegedly called back to Japan because of his sickness, when he was actually well. But their conversation was cut short when Mamemomi appeared and asked Yūjin about his connections to Kazuma, and later went off to spend time with Jigoku.

Trip back to England

Main articles: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow and The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke

Yūjin first appears in the Bandol Hotel with Jigoku.


  • His given name "Yūjin" (悠仁) means "friend", referencing his friendship with Watson, Holmes, Jigoku, and Asōgi.


  • Yūjin is the only protagonist without an Objection! voice clip, as his playable section is a Joint Reasoning investigation with Holmes.
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