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Yuri Cosmos
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Yuri Cosmos
............A great man is always misunderstood in his own time. But he must remain true to himself, even if those around him don't understand!

Yuri Cosmos was the egotistical Director of the Cosmos Space Center until his demotion to Assistant Director sometime after the resolution of the UR-1 Incident. He seems to move about entirely via his segway-like "Galactic Scooter".

A bombing & a murder[]

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HAT-1 team group photo.

As a part of the international space race, the Cosmos Space Center planned to launch the HAT-1 rocket alongside the Hope probe in order to obtain asteroid samples for research. However, days before the launch, Yuri Cosmos received a call from a mysterious international spy called the phantom claiming that he would sabotage the launch. The day before the launch, Metis Cykes, an employee at the Space Center, was murdered, and a moon rock was stolen. Despite all this, Cosmos went ahead with the launch.

It turned out that the rocket had indeed been sabotaged. Although the rocket suffered an explosion and subsequent problems that dogged the rest of the flight, the crew returned safely. The incident became known as the HAT-1 Miracle in the press, but the sabotage was kept under wraps. Cykes's murder became known as the UR-1 Incident, and Simon Blackquill was convicted of the crime. Believing Blackquill to be the one behind the sabotage, Cosmos hoped to move on and put the incident in the past.

History repeats itself[]

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At the witness stand.

Seven years later, the Hope probe returned to Earth and Cosmos attempted to organize a new rocket launch, the HAT-2. However, he received another call from the phantom spy, who said, "It's been a while. Planning another launch? I see you haven't learned..." Unable to cancel the launch due to government pressure, Cosmos decided to protect his men from the threat, even if it meant not actually launching the rocket. Prior to the launch, Cosmos used the Space Center's control systems to swap Launch Pad 1 with Launch Pad 2, which was being used as a Space Museum. The astronauts Solomon Starbuck and Clay Terran would be ushered onto the HAT-1 replica in the Space Museum instead of the actual HAT-2 rocket. As part of the plan, Terran had been briefed to go along with the subterfuge so as to not raise Starbuck's suspicion, as the latter suffered a history of anxiety attacks due to the HAT-1 sabotage. Terran stole Starbuck's anti-anxiety medicine from his locker and drugged his fellow astronaut so that they could evacuate safely. At the same time, Cosmos requested police backup, which duly arrived and included Detectives Bobby Fulbright and Candice Arme, with the latter being a bomb specialist.

It soon became apparent that the plan had been leaked due to the phantom apparently tapping Cosmos's phone. Bombs blew apart the second floor offices and the HAT-2 rocket. Terran carried the unconscious Starbuck from the museum back to Boarding Lounge 1, only to encounter the phantom, who killed him to retrieve a capsule containing the samples that the Hope probe had collected. Before the phantom could escape, Cosmos arrived at the scene, only to be shot at, forcing him to hide while the figure escaped. The Space Center director then disengaged the safety lock in Boarding Lounge 1 to prepare to switch the launch pads back, only for Arme to arrive on the scene and shoot warning shots at him. One of them glanced off the medal on Cosmos's jacket, saving his life. Cosmos escaped into the control room and doubled back through the elevators behind Arme, so as to make it appear as if he had only just arrived at the crime scene.

Starbuck was soon accused of Terran's murder. During his subsequent trial, a bomb that had been collected from the Space Center exploded in Courtroom No. 4, destroying the asteroid samples from the Hope probe. When the trial eventually resumed, Cosmos testified about his discovery of the body, although he exaggerated the details of his role to make himself appear more heroic and to conceal the truth behind the HAT-1 sabotage. Eventually, Starbuck's attorney, Phoenix Wright, exposed all of Cosmos's lies in court. Due to timely intervention by Fulbright, Starbuck was found innocent, but Athena Cykes was arrested in his stead.

After the trial, Cosmos divulged all the information he had on the HAT-1 sabotage and the UR-1 Incident. The HAT-2 sabotage had made him realize that Simon Blackquill was innocent, and the real spy was still on the loose. Wright eventually got to the bottom of the case and determined that the phantom had destroyed the Hope probe because he had hidden the moon rock there. His reason for doing so was that his blood had gotten on the moon rock when he had murdered Metis Cykes, and so he had tried to destroy this potential evidence, but a small fragment remained, spelling his end. After the resolution of the case, Cosmos was demoted to Assistant Director, but still retained his enthusiasm and ego as he helped to launch Starbuck back into space with the HAT-3 rocket.


Yuri Cosmos
Galactic Scooter, full speed ahead! [...] Look upon me, and look well! Behold the great power of space science!


Cosmos is a very self-important man who believes that his name will go down in history. Rank appears to be extremely important to him, as he appeared severely depressed after the badges and stars on his uniform were strewn everywhere from his breakdown in court, prompting him to weakly request help to pick them up. Cosmos seems to be unaware of when people are mocking his grandstanding, believing that they are either praising him or pointing out the normal traits of a "great man" such as himself. He is also prone to angry outbursts.

Despite his ego, Cosmos cares deeply about those that he is responsible for, even being willing to endanger his position in order to protect his astronauts. Cosmos also showed remorse over Simon Blackquill's conviction after learning of the HAT-2 bomb threat, realizing that they had arrested an innocent man and locked him away for seven years. Even after the HAT-2 debacle, he continued his efforts to ensure that Starbuck would go back into space. After the resolution of the case, Cosmos was demoted to Assistant Director, but still showed just as much enthusiasm in planning and preparing for the HAT-3 launch.


  • Japanese: His family name "Oogawara" means "riverside". This may be a reference to the Japanese word for the Milky Way galaxy, which is "Amanogawa" (天の川; lit. "heavenly river"); thus the river he is beside is not a body of water, but the galaxy. It may also be a reference to Kunio Okawara, a mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry who worked on the mecha designs in the Gundam space opera anime metaseries. His given name "Uchuu" comes from the Japanese word for "space" (宇宙), which has the same pronunciation, but different kanji.
  • English: His given name "Yuri" most likely comes from Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to journey into outer space (ironically, "Yuri" comes from the Greek name "Georgios", which means "earthworker"). His surname "Cosmos" is a synonym for the universe, with a cosmonaut being the Russian equivalent of an astronaut.