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* In Chinese, 政法 can be translated as "politics and law".
* In Chinese, 政法 (pinyin: ''Zhèng Fǎ'') can be translated as "politics and law".
* The Japanese name of Zheng Fa is 西鳳民国, which roughly translates as "the Western kingdom of the phoenix people". The national flag depicts a phoenix.
* The Japanese name of Zheng Fa in ''kanji'' is 西鳳民国 (JP: ''Seihō Mingoku''; pinyin: ''Xī Fèng Mínguó''), which translates to "Western Phoenix Republic". The national flag depicts a phoenix.

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The Republic of Zheng Fa is a small Asian country.

Lang Zi and the House of Lang

Around 2000 BCE, a philosopher named Lang Zi revolutionized Zheng Fa's law enforcement system, using his "philosophy of detainment". His efficient, if draconian, methods have shaped the country's legal system into its current state. Lang Zi was greatly respected in his home country. The House of Lang is descended from Lang Zi, and its members held positions of power in Zheng Fa for many years and even operated a training school for police officers.

A chef's visit

On December 21, 2001, pastry chef Yutaka Kazami headed to Zheng Fa to train his confectionery design skills, which were lacking at the time. His three-year stay in the country dramatically improved his ability to make candy designs as he intended. He went on to become a world-renowned pastry chef. His trip, however, extended the statute of limitations on a murder that he had committed, ultimately leading to his arrest 18 years later.

The SS-5 Incident

Main article: SS-5 Incident

In 2007, President Teikun Ō was assassinated during a visit to the United States, as part of a plot by one of his body doubles to replace him. With the help of Chief Prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi and Marī Miwa, however, the murder was made to look like a kidnapping. Ichiyanagi took over the investigation of the murder of the only witness to the "kidnapping", Ryūji Kamei, to ensure that the murder was completely covered up. The government of Zheng Fa quickly paid the ransom money demanded, and the body double returned, claiming to be the real president.

Dai-Long Lang, Ō's head bodyguard and the detective in charge of the investigation, found out the truth through a child witness, but knowing the grave consequences of such a revelation, he decided to keep it hidden, took full responsibility for the "kidnapping", and was demoted. He continued to investigate and eventually arrested Miwa and had her put on trial. However, thanks to Ichiyanagi's machinations, she was acquitted. Lang resigned, and the Lang name was tarnished. Shi-Long Lang, his son, made it his life's duty to restore his family's honor, and he came to rise among the ranks of Interpol to become one of its top agents.

The smuggling ring

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In the 2010s, Zheng Fa fell under the influence of an international smuggling ring led by Quercus Alba. The country suffered a great flood of counterfeit bills produced by the criminal group, crippling its economy. The counterfeit bills were made using Babahlese ink made from whitcrystal oil, which made them almost indistinguishable from genuine Zheng Fa currency. The country was also used as a refuel and cargo transfer point for iFly Airlines. An agent of the smuggling ring infiltrated iFly Airlines and used Flight I-390 to switch the priceless Alif Red with a fake. She was eventually caught after killing Interpol agent Akbey Hicks. Thanks to the actions of Miles Edgeworth and Shi-Long Lang at the Cohdopian Embassy, Alba was arrested and the plates used to make the fake bills were seized by the local authorities.

The body double exposed

Main articles: Turnabout Target and The Grand Turnabout

A few days after the smuggling ring's fall, the body double attempted a publicity stunt by arranging a fake assassination attempt during a speech at Gourd Lake. However, one of his bodyguards, Manosuke Naitō, used the ensuing chaos as an opportunity to kill his head bodyguard, Gai Tojiro. Edgeworth investigated the incident and, despite the president's attempts to cover up the fake assassination plot, figured out everything and arrested Naitō for the murder. About two weeks later, the president was killed for real, crushed by the child who had witnessed the assassination of the real president. In the end, Edgeworth solved everything. Despite the crushing revelation that the president had been a fraud for 12 years, Shi-Long Lang vowed to help restore his country's greatness.


  • In Chinese, 政法 (pinyin: Zhèng Fǎ) can be translated as "politics and law".
  • The Japanese name of Zheng Fa in kanji is 西鳳民国 (JP: Seihō Mingoku; pinyin: Xī Fèng Mínguó), which translates to "Western Phoenix Republic". The national flag depicts a phoenix.


Zheng Fa may be based on China or Hong Kong, to the point of speaking the same language, or at least sharing the word 謝謝 Xie Xie, meaning "thank you".

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