Zheng Fa, officially the Republic of Zheng Fa, is a small, fictional Asian country.

Lang Zi and the House of Lang

Around 2000 BCE, a philosopher named Lang Zi began revolutionizing Zheng Fa's law enforcement system, using his "philosophy of detainment". His efficient, if slightly draconian, methods have shaped the country's legal system into its current state. Lang Zi was greatly respected in his home country and his family, the House of Lang, continued to hold positions of power in Zheng Fa for many years and even operated a training school for police officers.

Unfortunately, the House of Lang's fortunes eventually shifted when a corrupt prosecutor tampered with evidence belonging to a detective from the Lang household. The ensuing scandal had the detective blamed for the incident, and the Lang name was tarnished. One member of the Lang clan has made it his life's duty to restore his family's honor, a young police officer named Shi-Long Lang, who came to rise among the ranks of Interpol to become one of its top agents.

An economy in tatters

In the 2010s, Zheng Fa fell under the influence of an international smuggling ring led by Quercus Alba. The country suffered a great flood of counterfeit bills produced by the criminal group, crippling its economy. The counterfeit bills were made using Babahlese ink made from whitcrystal oil, which made them almost indistinguishable from genuine Zheng Fa currency.

This flood of fake bills appears to have halted due to the actions of Miles Edgeworth and Shi-Long Lang at the Cohdopian Embassy, when the leader of the smuggling ring was arrested and the plates used to make the fake bills were seized by the local authorities.


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A few days after the smuggling ring's fall,Zheng Fa's President,Teikun Ō,gave a speech at Gourd Lake,but it was cancelled due to an assassin's invasion and a bodyguard's murder.Edgeworth solved the case,exposing another bodyguard as the killer.About two weeks later,the president was killed for real.He was crushed with Sōta Sarushiro's hot air ballon,the same man who hired the assassin two weeks ago.Finally,Edgeworth solved everything and Zheng Fa was put into peace again.


  • In Chinese, 政法 can be translated as "politics and law".
  • The national flag depicts a phoenix, which corresponds to 鳳 (phoenix) in 西鳳民国, as the Repubic of Zheng Fa is known in Japanese version.


Zheng Fa may be based on China or Hong Kong.

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