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Zinc Lablanc
I have to explain!? Unbelievable... I will say it once and only once. I do not have even a second to waste! "Time is money" as they say!

Zinc Lablanc II is a Borginian art dealer. He was a witness in the murder of Akbey Hicks aboard iFly Airlines Flight I-390.

Flight I-390[]

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Lablanc was one of the passengers aboard Flight I-390, First Class, on the flight in which Akbey Hicks lost his life. Lablanc was on the flight to transport the Alif Red statue from Borginia to the United States. The flight made a brief stop at Zheng Fa, and after that, Lablanc received certification from flight attendant Cammy Meele that the genuine Alif Red was still safe inside the plane.

Unaware that iFly's clocks were set to the time zone of their location of departure, Lablanc set his watch to Los Angeles time, and thus missed the in-flight film he had been anticipating to watch, License to Love, Laugh, Maim, and Murder. Still oblivious to his error, Lablanc saw Akbey Hicks enter the lounge at 3 a.m., but his watch told him that it was 6. Later on, flight attendant Rhoda Teneiro and another passenger discovered Hicks's body, and Teneiro apprehended the passenger as a suspect and took him to the top floor to question him.

The passenger's name was Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor. He convinced Teneiro that her initial reasons for suspecting him were flawed, but Lablanc angrily insisted that Edgeworth was the murderer. This was because only Edgeworth was in the lounge during the time leading up to the murder, and he had seen Akbey Hicks entering the lounge at 6. Edgeworth soon proved Lablanc wrong by pointing out that his watch was wrong relative to the plane's time.

When the plane landed at Hope Springs Airport, Lablanc, as well as the other passengers and crew, were kept on the plane for questioning. Later on, while Edgeworth was examining the cargo hold of the plane, Lablanc appeared, angry over being prevented from checking up on his art. He tried to tackle his way through a guard, but he failed and was sent over a rail, landing on a piece of cargo. This act of defiance made Edgeworth realize that the victim had been killed in the same fashion, except the cargo had not been present. Edgeworth soon proved that the Alif Red that was on the plane now was a fake, and that an international smuggling ring had stolen the real one during the stop at Zheng Fa. This meant that Cammy Meele had forged the certification, and that she was an agent of the smuggling ring. Edgeworth eventually proved that Meele was the true killer of Akbey Hicks.


Some time after that, Colias Palaeno, the ambassador of Cohdopia, sold his country's treasured Primidux Statue to Lablanc. However, the art dealer noticed that his new acquisition was very reasonably priced and seemed lighter than he imaged, hinting that the statue in Lablanc's possession is the fake previously belonging to the Babahlese embassy.


Lablanc is very hot-tempered and impatient, often referring to the phrase, "Time is money." He consults his pocket watch often, which is another indication of his lack of patience. He is very defensive of his art pieces, although he appears quite poor at spotting fakes. If shown things he considers "worthless", he tends to get angry, thinking that people are trying to sell him the object, even if they are just presenting evidence.

Lablanc can speak Borginian and English, although his English is not perfect as he often uses various English sayings incorrectly. For example, he says "Don't number the birds before they are born" instead of "Don't count your chickens before they hatch".


  • His Japanese name "Zinc White" may be a reference to zinc oxide which is used as a white pigment in some paints, a possible reference to his work as an art collector.
  • His English name "Zinc Lablanc" likely has the same origin as his Japanese one ("blanc" is French for "white"). It may have been changed to distinguish him from Redd White.


  • Lablanc and Acro are the only characters to show their feet and/or legs in their two-dimensional large sprites (that is, not including the full body walking sprites used in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth or three-dimensional character models); Lablanc's lower half appears when he is "blown over" during his character breakdown animation.
  • His development art indicates that he may have originally been meant to be a prosecutor.